News for the custom motorcycle industry. According to a recent article in motorcycle industry magazine Dealernews, CARB  (California Air Resource Board) has fined motorcycle aftermarket parts manufacturer Vance & Hines a half million dollars. Here is an excerpt from the Dealernews article:

Vance & Hines settled in January with the California Air Resource Board to pay a penalty of $500,000 for selling, prior to Jan. 1, 2013, emissions-related parts not approved by the board. The exhaust maker has taken actions to ensure no further enforcement related to the parts befalls dealers or customers.

According to the notice posted on the ARB website, the board applied the penalty to about 2,000 units at about $250 per unit.

“V&H promptly and fully cooperated with ARB during the investigation, and as a result, has already implemented a compliance plan to inform its distributors, dealers and customers about the types of motorcycle exhaust systems that are legal for sale in the state,” said the CARB notice. “In addition, V&H is actively working with ARB’s Aftermarket Parts Section to ensure that all of its aftermarket critical emission control parts that are sold, offered for sale, or advertised in California obtain the necessary exemptions from ARB.”

Vance & Hines has issued its own news release in which company president Paul Langley said: “We are pleased to have resolved this matter with ARB, and to have worked out an approach that should avoid future misunderstandings about the proper use of our exhaust systems and emissions-related parts. … We are committed to ensuring that our parts fully comply with applicable air quality standards in California, and that our customers and business partners understand the appropriate fitment and uses.”

Vance & Hines said the settlement protects its distributors, dealers and customers from further claims or liability with respect to covered part sales occurring prior to Jan. 1, 2013.

The history of CARB approval for emission-related aftermarket goes back about half a decade. In 2009, at the request of the motorcycle industry, ARB adopted a process for the exemption of aftermarket “critical emission control parts” on motorcycles ridden on streets. Manufacturers of such parts (like aftermarket catalytic exhausts and oxygen sensors) must apply for and receive ARB Executive Orders that exempt the parts from California’s anti-tampering laws.

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  1. A million bucks from 2 companies selling guys what they want for their ultra well taken care of bikes.. The wrong folks are getting pinched for this! The smog and bad air in that state isn’t coming from clean running motorcycles. Just another example of the bloated state government trying to cover their payroll by taxing the shit out of everything. Shame on Cali.

  2. Keep doing business in the communist thug state and keep paying. If all manufactures would pull out they would self implode on their own greed.

  3. DakotaJay says:

    How retarded is California. I’m glad I left. Big Brother sticking his hand in where it doesn’t belong. I can understand cars and trucks, but bikes? Give me a break. They probably have a fit about your lawnmower too. Why don’t you idiots that live there stand up for yourselves?

  4. CARB has just nailed Piaggio for a big fine too. When does this foolishness end?

  5. Charlie Morris says:

    The State of California SUCKS! They cause as much problems as the Goverment running a muck over spending and just wasting hard earned peoples money! Everything you buy almost has something to say not for California or how about they just take care fo themselves……. Just saying