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Breathing Easy With a K&N Motorcycle Air Filter

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Breathing Easy With a K&N Motorcycle Air Filter


By Stephen Long • Photos by Matt Kopec

When it comes to aftermarket air filters, you usually think of K&N. With technical renown the world over, K&N doesn’t only produce air filters but filters of all kinds (I currently run a K&N oil filter on my bike), and so for the first of many planned quick and easy installs on this loaner Indian Scout Bobber, we decided that it needed to breath a little easier and a little better via a K&N air filter.

Remove the gas tank by tilting it up and pulling it back carefully. Be careful not to hit the speedo while tilting it up; lay a rag or towel at the front of the tank to be safe. When removed, place on a clean, flat surface.

Another added benefit of running a K&N air filter in your bike will be its reusability. Where the stock filter will be tossed after replacing it with a new filter, the K&N filter can be washed and then reinstalled on our bike. You’ll save some coin and reduce your contribution to the world’s rapidly increasing waste. Sounds like a win-win.

Fit the new filter onto the bike. The bolt holes on this filter’s rubber casing are cupped on one side to allow room for each bolt head. This side faces down. Then place the hard plastic cover with K&N’s logo over this and tighten down with the stock 3mm Allen bolts.

A few things to remember when working around or beneath your gas tank: Disconnect the fuel line! Don’t go herking and jerking your tank off before doing this. Also, with this being a new Indian, it’s EFI-equipped, which means that this connection also needs to be disconnected (see Step 5). As noted below, with the tank removed, try to place it somewhere flat, clean, and smooth to prevent falls or scratches.

The K&N filter arrives pre-oiled and ready to be fastened into place in a matter of minutes. The most difficult part of an install like this is picking what to have for lunch afterwards. Removing the seat, gas hose, EFI cable, and gas tank shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes if you follow these steps. Have your 1/2″ socket and 3mm Allen at the ready (save time by not having to dig through messy toolboxes), and your Scout Bobber will be thankful for its repurposed lungs.

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Indian Scout Bobber K&N air filter


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