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Budweiser Collectible Motorcycle


Budweiser Collectible Motorcycle


A Budweiser collectible for motorcycle lovers

Let me start off by being frank. I don’t collect stuff. If you walked into my house, you’d be hard pressed to find more than one of anything, besides kitchenware and my two cats. Okay, you might find a number of guitars. But that’s it. I like space and relative order, and I really hate dusting. So,
naturally, when Chris asked me to do my first product review, he handed me a collectible figurine to write about.

With that out of the way, I can now be objective and address those of you who do collect or have loved ones that collect. Let’s face it — he who rides most likely drinks beer (remember to let each one metabolize for an hour before riding). And for those who ride, drink Budweiser beer, and collect little trinkets, The Hamilton Collection has crafted an exclusive Budweiser chopper figurine, officially licensed by the Anheuser-Busch Companies. There’s quite a bit of detailing on this ride, which stretches to nearly 8″ long. The custom wheels are pretty cool, featuring four gold signature Bud crowns on each. I can even tell that the rear brake is a four-piston caliper. The chrome paint shines, especially on the forks and headlight cover. This minichop will run you $29.95, but, who knows, it may be worth more in the future. The Hamilton Collection is limiting the run to 95 production days. So get out your feather duster and grab one of these babies before they ride off into the sunset. AIM
–Laura DeLallo

The Hamilton Collection