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Harley Magazine News, What Is Most Important To You?


Harley Magazine News, What Is Most Important To You?


We at American Iron Magazine want to know what is the most important current Harley news to you and your riding friends?

Electric Harley concept motorcycle?

Liquid cooled Harley Big Twins?

Project Rushmore?

Recent push by the feds for a national helmet law?

Aggressive EPA actions against motorcycle modifications?


Please reply to this post with what you feel are the most important Harley news topics and why you feel that way.



  1. Buzz August 2, 2014

    Most of the Bagger covereage neds up in our sister magazine – Motorcycle Bagger. But the bagger popularity needs to be covered in American Iron Magazine if we are to share as many aspects of the Harley experience as possible. Right?

  2. Todd C. VanOrman August 2, 2014

    i love the magazine as a whole. i would like to see a front wheel size restriction…nothing over 21″. i think this bagger phenomenon stuff belongs in your Bagger magazine. i would much rather look and read about a stock 1980 FLT than look at an air brushed turbo charged 30″ front wheel road glide. Sorry just had to get that off my chest.
    Dont get me wrong i know there is a huge following for that kind of bike but the Jack Pine racer this month is so much cooler than the oversised bagger bikes.

  3. Michael Hubbell July 22, 2014

    I always enjoy the tech articles. They are the first thing I read. I also like to read up on the lasts Government rules. Particularly the rules around fuels and any thing that effects custom builds. And owner/homebuilt projects.

  4. Tony Pierkowski July 22, 2014

    As a rider since 1988, my new FXLR, i appreciate your unbiased reviews. No ass kissing of HD, or any other manufacturers. Although i only ride Harleys, i have a 2007 FLHT, I enjoy teading about all Americans made bikes.

  5. Tony Pierkowski July 22, 2014

    I’m happy enough with your magazine. As it appears to me unbiased and not kissing HD’s ass. As a rider since 1988 i appreciate the concise tech articles aimed at the DIY’er.

  6. Thor July 22, 2014

    While the bikes & tech are ALWAYS welcome, I do like that there is a column addressing our rights & pending legal issues (EPA shenanigans, Obama & his helmet law garbage). Of course, the old iron & the kickstart run are great features too!

  7. Scott Williams July 21, 2014

    Liquid cooled Harley Big Twins
    Yep. I’ve got one. Why I’m interested.
    But I’m greedy too. I like reading about
    any and all things Harley.
    Any year any model. Quirky? Maybe.
    OCD more than likely

  8. Buzz July 21, 2014

    Thanks for the reply. We try to cover as much ground as possible in every issue. But our readers help determine what we do more of.

  9. Dick Conquer July 21, 2014

    Project Rushmore?
    real time and real life reviews of all the new Harley-Davidson models.
    Like what you do now, trying to review new bikes with your staff writers (all of whom I respect and trust to do a good review) PLUS, real owners giving us their honest opinions, with likes and dislikes, while at the same time not bashing, just true observations.

    Aggressive EPA actions against motorcycle modifications?
    It is good to keep us informed with as much information as you can, and give us ideas on how to have a voice.

    It would be good to have information about used Harley values and the ins & outs of trading up, or selling privately, and how to wisely purchase used or new.

  10. Gary Cribb July 21, 2014

    It’s a toss up on my likes. 1. Being 69 years old I like reading & seeing older bikes. 2. Also the articles on rebuilding various parts on bikes. Good technical stuff each monthly issue