Classic Motorcycle Event May 15 & 16 Florida

Who says you can’t blend high quality art, commercial graphics, stunning classic motorcycles and barely clothed fantasy women?

If you feel this is impossible in these PC days we live in today please don’t tell artist and all around motorcycle guy Don Bradley.

Cyclone motorcycle art & sexy lady rider

In addition to all the many years he spent doing commercial design and illustration, Don is also the creative genius behind the stunning designs every year for the popular Riding Into History charity motorcycle event held every year in northern Florida. This year the event will be May 15 & 16, 2010.

According to Don Bradley’s web site:

The “Cyclone” was a very advanced 45 degree V-twin motorcycle created by the Joerns Motor Manufacturing company of St. Paul, Minnesota from 1913 to 1916.

The Cyclone was capable of out-running Harley, Indian, Excelsior and all of the other race bikes of the day. In 1914 one was officially timed at 111 mph. But like its deadly namesake, the Cyclone was not very predictable (reliable) and consequently did not finish many of its races.

As the Joerns Manufacturing Company was plagued with under-funding along with low volume they were not able to give proper development to this machine so the Cyclone faded into history.

For more information about Don Bradley and his wonderful motorcycle art click here.

This article is reposted here with permission from Sex and Harleys.