Clutching Harley, Clutching Victory

317-36-09 BarnettBarnett has a line of stock length and custom length cables for all Harley-Davidson and Victory models in addition to custom length and one-off cables for any handlebar conversion or custom bike application. The cables are available in four casing types: traditional black vinyl, classic stainless braid, Platinum Series bright silver-plated braid, and Stealth Series black for Harleys only. All braided cables have a protective clearcoat that will not become discolored from sun exposure. All 1987 and later Harley-Davidson clutch cables along with all Victory clutch cables come standard with high-efficiency, nylon-coated, silicone-lubed inner wire for a smooth pull and reduced lever effort. All equipment is made and assembled in the US. Info: Barnett Tool and Engineering, 805/642-9435,