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Connect Dad with his Riding Buddies

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Connect Dad with his Riding Buddies


With Father’s Day around the corner, all those “Moto Dads” out there might be looking to enhance their riding experience with improved sound and communication.

The Packtalk Bold connects up to 15 riders, which means Dad can stay in contact with all of his buddies using Dynamic Mesh Communication. DMC offers greater range than Bluetooth as well as exceptional audio quality.

Perfect for solo riding or smaller groups, the Freecom 4+ connects up to four riders.

Standard across the lineup, Cardo also offers an array of other features including connectivity to any mobile device for calls and music streaming as well as FM radio.

Packtalk Bold

The Packtalk Bold connects up to 15 riders, allowing users to enjoy high-quality, long-distance communication. The Bold is waterproof and can withstand any riding condition. Backed with JBL Sound, the Bold also offers an unparalleled listening experience. The Bold is compatible with any helmet.

Price: $339.95

Freecom 4+

The always-on, natural voice operation of the Freecom 4+ means you will never have to press a button, turn a wheel, or move a slider again. Whether you ride with a buddy or in a group of up to four, just say, “Hey Cardo”, and your Freecom 4+ will do the rest. Much like the Packtalk Bold, the Freecom 4+ has a JBL audio system.

Price: $249.95