Cosmo Connected, Helmet-Mounted Brake Light & Emergency App, Debuts at CES

Every January the latest and greatest techo gadgets and concepts are displayed at CES, the “global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow” held in Las Vegas.

This year, a French startup company is debuting Cosmo Connected at CES, a “ detachable smart helmet accessory” said to be “the first wearable brake light connected to a mobile application.” It serves as a brake light attached to the back of a rider’s helmet. After securing a magnetic mount that’s supposed to fit the curvature of every type of helmet, the device can be clipped on and off the back of the helmet. It will light up when a riders slows down, the company claiming it activates even before a rider hits the brakes. The light is said to be highly visible day and not and in all types of weather conditions. Cosmo Connected charges via a USB connection and reportedly has a battery life of eight hours.

Cosmo Connected Helmet Mounted Brake Light

Since the device is paired to rider’s cell phone through Bluetooth the company says it can provide “emergency roadside assistance that calls emergency services with GPS coordinates and medical information in case of accident.” Once Cosmo Connected detects an accident, it signals the app to alert emergency roadside assistance which will attempt to contact the rider to see if they’re OK. If a rider doesn’t respond within minutes, the app will send out a geolocation signal and medical profile to rescue personnel in addition to notifying family members.

Cosmo Connected also allows riders to share “road trips with friends and family who will be notified of your departure and arrival at destination.”

Cosmo Connected has an initial price tag of $99 and will be available online at and in retail outlets in May 2017.