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Dale Walksler’s What’s In The Barn Classic Motorcycle TV Show June 18

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Dale Walksler’s What’s In The Barn Classic Motorcycle TV Show June 18


Finally, some TV worth watching. Our friend and classic motorcycle guru Dale Walksler of Wheels Through Time museum has a new TV show on Velocity Channel called What’s In The Barn. The show focuses on Dales searching out old and rare motorcycles in barns, basements and garages and getting them back in running condition.

New Velocity TV Show With Dale Walksler called What’s In The Barn

The season starts on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 10:30 pm on Velocity, then a new show every week at the same time. We will be watching and encourage you to also.


  1. AirborneSoldier February 16, 2015

    You guys are idiots.

    Dale is a great guy. I used to stop at his Mount Vernon dealership/museum every time I was leaving my (fill in the blank here), army base down south for leave back in Wisconsin. He ALWAYS made time to show me something in the museum. Never bought a bike from him but he always took the time to treat me like a important person. This was when almost EVERY HD dealer didnt have the time for you unless you were going to buy one of their bikes at WAY above MSRP, or with 5-10k worth of doo-dads added to it.

    As for the show, I love it. ALL reality shows are fake guys. Do you REALLY think “Pickers” is not? LMAO!! You don’t think “Pickers” lowball their “Pickees”? C’mon, go see what Frank wants for his oil cans at Davenport…

    Dumbest thing Velocity did was not extend this show. I no longer watch the network. It holds promise, but I aint a car guy and there are waay too many variations of finding a car, restoring it, selling it, etc.

    Hey AI/Chris Maida: Go do a dealer profile on Al Muth HD of Black River Falls WI, Mark Muth. Mark NEVER charged more than MSRP when other dealers were ripping people off. He has a quality dealership, a great service and parts dept, and used to race himself. He grew up in the biz. Google Al Muth, his dad. He led the dealer “revolt” back in the day.He has been mentioned in various HD histories. If it wasn’t for Mark, I wouldn’t still be interested in Milwaukee Iron. I was very close to selling everything I had that said HD, but Mark is the kind of guy to make you want to be loyal. Do yourself a favor and go check him out.

  2. David Wielhouwer December 1, 2014

    I cant believe show is still on air. First of all, a half hour isnt long enough to set sny story or theme. Dale comes acrossas a lunatic at times. The one show where he “hit some personal goal” just seemed wierd. Wjat was it? Who drives for 800 miles, gets home, then ha his kid tell him “go here” then drives another 500miles. Thats beyond crazy. Lastly, he lowballs people almialmost as bad as wheeler dealers. I like the old bikes, guess i will just keep watching American Pickers

  3. Clark July 23, 2014

    Worst acted reality ( and I say that tongue in cheek)
    show. Give it the hook!

  4. Joe Deaton July 22, 2014

    Staged? This show is staged?? Well I would have never believed it! I’m just glad Duck Dynasty and Pawn Stars isn’t staged! Then where would we be??
    Of course parts of the show are edited and staged. Makes the show interesting! I like learning about old bikes. It keeps me going on my ’29 HD DL restoration.

  5. Kevin July 10, 2014

    This show is staged and fake as hell!!! Those guys are a couple of tools.

  6. Parker G July 5, 2014

    As a car and motorcycle enthusiast I want the show to succeed. However Dale crosses the line way too often by knowingly low balling his offers and taking advantage of the seller. Son Matt also seems to being led astray. Neither of them come across as an honest guy.

  7. Scott S July 3, 2014

    The show is majorly staged.
    That’s what most TV is all about.
    Nice bikes. Not very realistic or believable.

  8. Steve Babbitt June 17, 2014

    Just finish watching the episode, a box arrives with the no and GPS coordinates or missing link motorcycle and Excelsior 1910 or 1911. I understand there is staging for TV, but the whole thing is pretty shady they drummed it up, with no lights , whatever obviously lights in the garage , but they do it by flash lights anyhow. It was all pretty sketchy , box arrives with the key a note and a place to be in a certain timeframe
    They find the bike with a note that says 80 grand in the box take it away basically right
    So he ripped the guy off. Guy gets a handful of cash I was jacket which can’t be much more than five grand
    80 grand would of filled that cigarbox and then some, like I said the show was a little sketchy but after that 80 grand more like 5 grand they must think people are idiots or they ripped the guy off
    Just another fake reality show

  9. Steve Stevens June 6, 2014

    Hi great show I have a 1964 DKW HUMMEL 155 with only 150 orig miles and orig tools and orig pink slip black plates it does run for sale last registerd in 1968 call 562-685-3431 Steve

  10. A. Peareson April 19, 2014

    I was a fan of the show until I saw this episode. Walksler made himself look pretty shady by his comments about hiding the motor. If Mike and Frank, from American Pickers, had picked this business and if that motorcycle was there at that time, they would have been honest about the value of the bike and not conspiring to “separate everything so she doesn’t know what she has………” as did Walksler and his son.

  11. Buzz February 23, 2014

    Why do you think it is fake? Is it possible they both picked the same place and found different stuff in all that is there?

  12. brent February 22, 2014

    Show is fake. The hand grenade episode – that was the same warehouse that American Pickers picked a couple of years ago.

  13. Buzz December 22, 2013

    Value depends on how correct and original it is, but if it is real, it is worth a lot. Why do you ask?

  14. Tom Meyer December 22, 2013

    Ooops! Those plastic “hand grenades” were called “instant foxholes.” Supposedly, they were concussion grenades intended to blow a small depression in the battlefield, allowing the soldier to take cover.

  15. Tom Meyer December 22, 2013

    I just watched a rerun of the hand-grenade episode and remembered that I intended to post a note.

    Those plastic grenades shells were manufactured back in the mid-to-late 50’s by Plymouth Industrial Products of Sheboygan, WI. My Dad was one of the lead maintenance men.

    PIP made a lot of specialty injection-molded parts with a mixture of polystyrene (I think) and asbestos. At that time plastic was still pretty new and cost about $0.10 per pound. Using asbestos as a filler added strength and reduced the cost substantially. I remember looking in on the mixing room, where they shoveled loose asbestos into the hoppers with silage forks (imagine a pitchfork with ten tines). I had the impression that the asbestos was damp, to reduce the amount of airborne fibers.

    My Dad died of bone cancer (multiple myeloma) in 1989 and I recall him saying that nearly everybody who worked with him in the manufacturing area was already dead. Dad had a bone hot-spot on his right-side rib cage, right alongside a tumor in his lung. I think he had prostate cancer which metastisized from an asbestosis lesion, which then metastisized to his ribs and thence throughout his skeleton.

    A study once said that the wives of men who worked with asbestos were more likely to get mesothelioma than their husbands. The damp asbestos at work didn’t get easily airborne, but the loose fibers they brought home on their clothes would become airborne when the wives shook out the laundry.

    A little off the motorcycle theme, but hey, I once had a ’65 Ducati 250cc Monza. Does that count for anything?

  16. J .Cunningham December 22, 2013

    What is a 1906 Harley worth vary good running condition ?

  17. Mark November 18, 2013

    Dale is AWESOME.
    I can’t believe one person has THAT much knowledge and passion.
    I am completely hooked on his show ‘What’s In the Barn?”

    Thanks Dale!

  18. Rick November 14, 2013

    Good show enjoy it love seeing old bikes really like the garage working on them more big part of show is finding them of course but not everyone will ever get the chance to hear or see a old harley Indian etc fire up for first time in years and I thank you for that someday ill get my old treasure and fire it up thanks for shareing those bikes with us

  19. Greg Adleshiem October 31, 2013

    I really enjoy seeing the old motorcycles and the history behind them but…. Dale appears to be a somewhat greedy curmudgeon…
    Over the years I’ve had more than a few people share more than anecdotal stories about Dale acquiring motorcycle in a less than scrupulous manner much as another person has posted here.
    Several of those motorcycles got away from Dale when another buyer found out about an extremely low ball offer from Dale and stepped up to offer and unknowledgeable or elderly seller a fair market value for a bike.
    Maybe all is fair in love and war but a lot of people value integrity when it comes to transactions involving family heirlooms.
    Would you be okay with the thought of your grandmother selling the 1923 HD JD that grandpa stashed in the barn for 1/10 or less of it’s value or would you rather see that bike sold for a “fair market” value?

  20. nick augello August 5, 2013

    What a dirt bag!! I used too like Dale He ripped the old lady off on the Harley Davidson

  21. Antonio Giovanni July 27, 2013

    Wondering in your Barn searches

    If you would like a barn full of antique cars from 1918 DETROIT Electric to 1935 Cadilac ?

    Let me know – if you are just into motorcycles….I do not have any of those.


  22. BobbyK July 27, 2013

    I think the show is great. With any production, there is substantial planning that must take place. Looking forward to next season.

  23. Fulgore July 11, 2013

    I like the show but do think most of it is staged. You just don’t find this rare stuff and when you do the paperwork and extra parts are never there. I have been through a ton of old barns, mostly you find dust covered broken crap missing most everything that is worth anything. Like the show but it is really not believable at all.

  24. Buzz July 10, 2013

    Why do you think this show is fake?

  25. KEvin July 10, 2013


  26. Michael Fagan July 3, 2013

    Great show.

  27. Jim R July 1, 2013

    The episode I saw had our hero stumble upon a ultra rate “peashooter” Harley. He and his son find the motor and frame, and are on the verge of pissing their pants with joy. The owners daughter asks a measley 5,000 for a bike that in walkslers words “is worth 6 figures all day long when assembled”. Walksler before calling the owners daughter over says to his son… “Quick, separate everything do she doesn’t see what she’s really in possession of… Otherwise she might want something appropriate for its true value”. As if this guy hasn’t enough rare and valuable bikes… He counters her modest 5000. request with I’ll only give you 4000. I bet the frame and motor alone are worth 10 times that… Greed has no bounds it appears, who applauds this kind of crap?

  28. Tim Gammelgard June 24, 2013

    In the barn; 1926 Dodge touring, all there, Plus, outside the barn under a tarp, 1928 Stutz 2 dr sedan under a tarp. Both are restorable and for sale. If interested, call, 916-203-0866 or e-mail. By the way, absolutley love your show !

  29. Matthew June 17, 2013

    Thanks for sharing. Will look forward to this! May inspire me to fix up my 1993 Harley Ultra Classic motorcycle!

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