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Day 2 Motorcycle Cannonball Report Team American Iron

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Day 2 Motorcycle Cannonball Report Team American Iron


The day started off for most of us riders with alarms on our smartphones. The National Weather service issues sever flooding and thunder in the area. Our parking lot (a field next to the hotel) had more than 8 inches of standing water. We all geared up and braced for a tough ride, but then heard the Cannonball crew decided to cancel the morning ride and told us to pack up our bikes and trailer to the lunchstop without penalty.

A few brave riders did ride to the lunch shop, perhaps because they did not have a chase vehicles or they just enjoy riding in torrential rain, flooding and lightning.

We loaded up in our rig with driver Gene, mechanics Coe and Weeze, riders Cris, pat, Paul and me, and we carried to other riders Scott Byrd and Buck Carson. Fun morning in spite of the ugly weather. Someone our driver dropped us and our bikes off in the wrong place and it took us almost 2 hours to figure out where we were. Cris’ bike is still down with a blown headgasket and more. Pat, Paul and I rode together in circles for too long in the pouring rain. Then my battery died. We had it swapped out in less than 15 minutes and we were all back on the road in the pouring rain. A half hour later, still lost, Pat takes off, does a u turn and disappears. Paul and I wait a few minutes and no Pat.

Day 2 of Motorcycle Cannonball Buzz Kanter and Paul Ousey gas up after the rain stopped

Knowing how late we were running, Paul and I take off and finally find the correct route and hammer our way trying to make up for the lost time. At a gas stop Paul is trying to convince a local guy to sell us an old bike he says he knows about in a friends bran. We’ll see what happens.

Then the rain stopped and the sun came out and we rode through some amazing countryside from Lake City FL (well named) to Columbus, GA for the night. An hour after we pulled in Pat rode in safe and sound with photographer Michael Lichter.

End of Day 2 results: 101 bikes entered in the event, 77 still carrying full scores (including Paul, Pat and Buzz).



  1. Jim Dohms September 7, 2014

    Thanks for the report Buzz. First day of hills. Go Team American Iron!

  2. Thomas Stuto September 7, 2014

    I am really enjoying the daily updates. I realized the first days start at 7:30am. Thinking everyone was leaving Daytona at 8am there was no way I could travel 90min in 30. I could make it to Barberville however and did. I was trying to figure out where you would be riding the first day. Once I gathered through the forest to Lake City I thought you might be coming west on Rt40. I waited two hours to see everyone come by. At 10am I figured that I had guessed incorrectly the route and returned home. Mid afternoon I read that day 1 would leave at 10. I not only had plenty of time to be at the start, I also may have been sitting on the correct route after all. I will be better prepared next year. As for the next fifteen days, I’ll be posted daily enjoying the updates following you guys both on FB and on twitter. Tom

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