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Day 8 Of Motorcycle Cannonball for Adventure Power’s Team American Iron

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Day 8 Of Motorcycle Cannonball for Adventure Power’s Team American Iron


After a day off to rest and recover (and sort out of bikes) we headed off in 37 degree weather and dense mist for the longest day of the Motorcycle Cannonball ride – 313 miles PLUS a mandatory lunch stop from Junction City, KS to Burlington, CO.

Buzz Kanter and friend Jim Petty, both 3 time Motorcycle Cannonball riders, bundled up against the cold and damp.

All the riders were layered up against the cold damp weather. Long johns and layers was the clothing choice of the day. We left (Paul Ousey, Jim Petty and I) as one group and Cris and Pat left a little later with some other riders. All of us pushed through very dense fog, sometimes with our sight limited to 10 or 20 feet. And we did not dare slow down or risk coming in late and being penalized for points.  We rode through this heavy, wet and cold mist for more than 2 hours chilling all rider and damping our riding gear, fogging our masks and making this miserable all in all.

It took more than 2 hours to ride out of the blinding fog and into sunlight, but by then we were all wet, tired and ready to push on. The clutch started to act up again, and the bike was very hard to start. Paul’s bike ran well, as did Jim Petty’s Indian Chief. We rode together for an hour or so then found Pat Simmons on the roadside. He also joined us but we did not know what happenbed to Cris Sommer Simmons. Then Pat started to drop speed and eventually dropped back with Jim Petty. Paul and I pushed on knowing it was a long day and we had already lost 22 points each days earlier due to coming in late after helping other riders with mechanical issues.

After an hour or so Jim Petty caught up with us and the three of us rode for a while. As I left a red light and signalled my intention to turn into a gas station I realized Paul and Jim were not following me. A few minuted later Paul rolled in pushed a few hundred feet by Jim Petty on his Indian Chief. Turns out Paul had lost the left gas cap (a tank he ws not using any way) and his carb had loosened on the intake manifold. In a few minutes he had the carb tightened down, we refueled and were back on the road.

Lunch was warm and welcome. Then back on the road for another 130 plus miles. At the end of the very long day we were hosted to a wonderful dinner by the city of Burlington, CO.

Paul Ousey has finally been caught. In the Old Town museum in Burlington, CO.

Tomorrow we have another tough ride of 250 miles to Golden, CO. The temps are dropping and the altitude is climbing. Going to get more interesting and tougher every day.

Working on my 1936 Harley VLH. Mechanic Steve Coe fixed my sticky clutch and then cleaned the oil off my ignition points and rest them.

The rankings after today’s ride is: 101 riders registered, 1898 miles covered. Paul is ranked #41, I am 42, Cris is 76 and Pat is 87. Go Adventure Power’s Team American Iron!


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