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Daytona Bike Week: Is it motorcycle season yet?

Tyler Greenblatt

Daytona Bike Week: Is it motorcycle season yet?


It’s true what they say, Daytona Bike Week really is the beginning of the motorcycle season. In Connecticut, we’re starting to get some sunny 50 degree days here and there, and yesterday was one of them. While running my usual Sunday morning errands I saw around 20 bikes rumble by on the other side of the highway. Just about all of them were Harley motorcycles. There were a few baggers, a few Sportsters, a bunch of Softails, and a Dyna or two. I was actually pretty surprised to see so many different models cruising down the highway together. I was also pretty surprised to see so many open face helmets, it was still only 50 out! And it certainly doesn’t feel like 50 when you’re doing 60!

All I wanted to do was go home, throw on my gear, and start the season on my own Sporty. I decided that the season would start today, Monday, with my commute to work. Of course, it was raining and cold this morning! Just like mid-March in Connecticut; gorgous one day, awful the next. I officially have the bug now, I think it’s time to start the riding season, what about you?

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  1. Paul March 30, 2011

    Just a FYI… In your May issue there are conflicting adds for the West Virginia Mountain Fest. Page 16 states that it takes place July 22-25, while on page 154 it states July 28-31st. No big deal I know but some readers may be planning to attend…wished I could!!! Thank ya’ll again for a great magazine!!!