Deejo Knife Review – A Customizable and Tattooable Blade

Deejo Knife review


There’s nothing like having lots of options available. Don’t you love it when you go to a restaurant and find so many tempting items on the menu that it’s hard to decide?

Well, a company named Deejo has brought that idea to the realm of knifemaking. After great success distributing its products in France, Deejo wants to go global and begin selling in the U.S.A.
The concept is called “My Deejo,” a customizable and tattooable knife. You design it, they make it and send it to you. You can select the handle of your choice, the color, the finish, and many more options. It’s all done on the impressive and interactive My.Deejo.Fr website, and it works awesome! I could change all the aspects of the knife to see the different wood colors and tattoo patterns. It would probably be hard for one customer to find another knife just like his out in public. I like that the customer can individualize his knife.

There are three metal finishes available; (Mirror polished, Grey Titanium, Black titanium), and three sizes available; (15g is 7cm closed, 27g is 9 cm closed, and 37 g is 11cm closed). You can pick from four handle styles; (Naked, color slabs (8 vibrant colors), Wood (5 styles), or Carbon Fiber). And on some designs, you can have some text engraved on the metal portion of the handle, like a birthday, a person’s name, or a slogan. My selected design of “Topography” did not allow that option, but I really like this design so I did without the engraving. And speaking of designs (the tattoos), there are a whopping 67 to choose from.

The concept is called “My Deejo,” a customizable and tattooable knife.

The concept is called “My Deejo,” a customizable and tattooable knife.

The Deejo website is interactive and shows changes to your knife design with the click of a mouse. Be sure you have some time to spend perusing all the many choices. Mine is the 37 gram model (11cm closed) in grey titanium finish with Topography tattoo design and Juniper wood handle.

Just like that enormous restaurant menu, the My.Deejo.Fr website will make it hard for you to decide. But once you do, and place your order, you’re in for a treat.

I am impressed with the light weight of this knife. It’s so light you’ll forget you have it on you. It comes with a built-in pocket clip and it’s quite svelte. This is not the bulky multi-tool I’m used to carrying, this is what I’d call a Gentlemen’s blade. And once you make all the decisions and place your order, it’ll be uniquely you.

Deejo Knife
15g, 7cm closed, from $29.90
27g, 9cm closed, from $49.90
37g, 11cm closed, from $59.90


Deejo Knife folded

American Iron Editor Steve Lita was impressed with the lightweight of this folding knife. “It’s so light you’ll forget you have it on you.”