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Dennis Kirk’s Garage Build

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Dennis Kirk’s Garage Build


IT’S ALL ABOUT PASSION. It’s a place to show you stuff. It’s also a place to view other people’s stuff. What stuff? Cool bikes that have been customized and modified from the stock condition. Mild or wild this is the place to strut your stuff!

We encourage those who have customized your bikes in big…or small ways to submit your motorcycle to the Garage Build Website. TELL THE JOURNEY YOU WENT ON TO MAKE IT WHAT IT IS TODAY. Go ahead give all of it to us. The story, the changes, the parts, photos, videos and certainly do it in detail so everyone knows what you put into your project bike!

Everyone who posts a build on the website will RECEIVE A FREE GARAGE BUILD SHOP SHIRT AND A CHANCE TO WIN ONE OF TWO $500 DENNIS KIRK GIFT CARDS. Every 90 days gift cards will be awarded to the owners of the bikes judged to be the best in each of two classes: Mild and Wild customs.

The staff of AMERICAN IRON GARAGE magazine will judge and choose the AMERICAN MOTORCYCLES they think are coolest and best of class. Are there judging rules? Yes, here is the fine print.

Every 90 days AMERICAN IRON GARAGE is going to choose an AMERICAN GARAGE BUILD MOTORCYCLE to feature in print. Yes, this is your chance to actually see your bike in an industry leading magazine. Now where else can you get an opportunity like that? So, go for it!

For those visitors that come to the Garage Build site you will find many, many cool rides personalized by people just like you. Let them know what you think. RATE THE BUILDS AND LEAVE ENCOURAGING COMMENTS FOR THE OWNERS. They would love to hear what you have to say.

DENNIS KIRK IS ALSO GOING TO AWARD A $250 GIFT CARD EVERY 90 DAYS TO ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO VISITED THE GARAGE BUILD WEBSITE. All you have to do is leave your email address while on the Garage Build website and you will be entered in the drawing. You don’t have to submit a ride to register for a chance to win this Gift Card award.

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