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SHIFTING GEARS by Buzz Kanter 

George could do it faster; but he wanted to share all he knew

SHIFTING GEARS, by Buzz Kanter, Publisher

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When American Iron Magazine first appeared in 1989, it was created to offer something of everything of interest to Harley riders and be family friendly. The overall quality of content, design, and even paper was higher than most other Harley-oriented magazines at the time, and we still work hard to offer you the best possible package.

We tried different approaches over the years. Some were quite popular, and others weren’t. Using this trial and error approach, while paying attention to what our readers and industry leaders tell us, we continue to fine-tune the mix of articles and subjects. The popular blend includes reviews of new bikes and products, tech and DIY, feature and classic bikes, tours and events, and a few quirky and unexpected articles.

Over the years we have recognized a large and growing audience of Do It Yourselfers (DIY) who enjoy wrenching on their rides. It might be to better understand them, personalize them, or just to save a few bucks. For these people, we can never offer too many tech, install, and DIY articles in any one issue of American Iron Magazine. With that in mind, a few years ago we created an all-tech special newsstand issue called American Iron Garage. It was so popular that we increased it to two issues a year, then up to three issues last year. Now, we are increasing American Iron Garage to six issues a year and offering subscriptions for those who can’t find the magazine locally or just love a great deal. And, yes, we will continue to offer great tech and DIY here in American Iron Magazine, too.

To subscribe to our all-tech and DIY American Iron Garage in print (only $19.97 a year in US print or digital worldwide) call 877/204-0774 or sign up at For a digital subscription, please go to

Motorcycle Kickstart Classic Ride
if you love old motorcycles or are just looking for a fun group of motorcycle enthusiasts to ride with, our Motorcycle Kickstart Classic ride will meet up at Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, on Thursday, July 28. We will have a number of local rides around the greater Maggie Valley area Friday, July 29. We then ride as a group over to Chesnee, South Carolina, on Saturday, July 30, for a fun-filled day with the local AMCA (Antique Motorcycle Club of America) Legends Chapter. It’s up to each rider if he wants to stay in Chesnee for the night or ride back to Wheels Through Time.

You are running out of time to preregister, which you can do online at or by calling Rosemary at 203/425-8777 x114 with a credit card.

RIP George Yarocki
It is with deep sadness that i must say good-bye to my old friend and motorcycle mentor, George Yarocki. Everyone who met 88-year-old George quickly warmed up to this kind, humble, and generous gentleman.

George loved old motorcycles and old machinery in general, but his deepest passion was for the short-lived (1928-31) Indian 101 Scout. George was never one to withhold hard-to-find knowledge.

He was an amazing source of motorcycle information and mechanical understanding. He insisted owners work on their own bikes at Ft. Yarocki, with him looking on, providing advice and encouragement. I did this with my 1931 Indian 101 Scout more than once. George could have done the jobs faster, but he wanted to share all he knew so that it would carry through the years and generations and not be lost with his passing. We will miss George. He was one in a million.

Ride safe, ride smart, have fun.


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