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DIY Tech: Maverick Air Cleaner

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DIY Tech: Maverick Air Cleaner


Yup, you read that right! We got a 9 hp gain after installing a Kuryakyn Crusher Maverick air cleaner (#9889/$359.99) and retuning the fuel-injection system. What the headline doesn’t tell you is that we also got 4 more ft-lbs. of torque!

According to Kuryakyn, this air cleaner is made to handle the intake needs of a 150-plus-hp engine. The Maverick is available with a chrome or Satin Black finish, and both come with an embossed, brushed, stainless steel badge. A high-flow K&N washable and reusable filter element rests under the outer cover. To help keep the incoming air moving into the engine with as little turbulence as possible, the Maverick has a curved Dual Velocity Ring to provide smooth entry into the carb/throttle body’s throat. Unfortunately, this air cleaner kit is not available in California. As for the other 49 states, kits are available for all 1999-2017 Twin Cam-powered bikes equipped with a CV carburetor or Delphi EFI system, 1993-99 Evolution Big Twins with a CV carburetor, and 1991-2017 XL Sportster models. Our thanks to John at Dyno Solutions for doing the before-and-after dyno runs and tuning the bike for us after the new air cleaner installation.

The accompanying photos and captions show you how our mechanic installed the Maverick onto a 2006 Road King. However, our procedure is slightly different than the Kuryakyn-supplied instructions. Our mechanic preferred to thread in two of the 1/4″-20 x 1-1/4″ black bolts into the throttle body to keep the air lock ring and support bracket aligned while he checked to see if he needed any breather bolts shims between the Kuryakyn support bracket and the heads. Feel free to follow either procedure; you’ll end up in the same place.

Tools Needed
• Blue Loctite
• 3/16″ Allen
• 7/16″ wrench
• 7/16″ socket
• Torque wrench (in-lbs.)

1 – Our 2006 Road King is up on John’s dyno with its stock air cleaner removed and the baseline dyno runs done.

2 – After threading in the two supplied black Kuryakyn breather hose fittings by hand, use a 7/16″ wrench to tighten them until they’re snug in the backing plate.

3 – Then push the two supplied Kuryakyn breather hoses onto the fittings so they are orientated as shown.

4 – After removing all the old gasket material, position the supplied Kuryakyn gasket onto the stock throttle body.

5 – Position the chrome Kuryakyn support bracket onto the gasket so its holes are aligned with the ones in the throttle body and the breather port on each head.

6 – Place the Kuryakyn air lock ring over the support bracket so its holes are aligned. Then thread in two of the 1/4″-20 x 1-1/4″ black bolts to keep the air lock ring and support bracket aligned.

7 – Press the support bracket tight against the front of the throttle body to see if you need any of the supplied shims between the support bracket and heads. We needed two shims per side.

8 – With blue Loctite on both breather bolts, screw a breather bolt into each head through the support bracket and any needed shims. Torque these bolts to 120-144 in-lbs. using a 7/16″ socket. Then remove the two Allen bolts and the air lock ring.

9 – Position the backing plate over the throttle body with the air lock ring between them. Secure these parts using the three 1/4″-20 x 1-1/4″ black bolts, blue Loctite, and a 3/16″ Allen. Torque the bolts to 100 in-lbs.

10 – Press the Kuryakyn dual velocity ring into the backing plate with its vent hole (arrow) at the 10 o’clock position. It will snap into place when fully engaged with the backing plate.

11 – Attach a breather hose from the backing plate to each of the breather bolts. Some mechanics like to secure the hoses to the breather bolts with wire-ties, but it’s not necessary.

12 – Press the Kuryakyn-supplied K&N air filter element onto the backing plate. It must seat fully flat on the backing plate.

13 – Place the Kuryakyn mesh cover over the front of the element and position the Kuryakyn beauty ring over the edge of the element and mesh cover.

14 – Place the chrome Kuryakyn Maverick cover over all these parts and secure the cover using the five supplied chrome bolts, blue Loctite, and a 3/16″ Allen. Torque the bolts to 90 in-lbs. in a crisscross pattern.

15 – Here’s how the Kuryakyn chrome Crusher Maverick air cleaner assembly looks on the bike! AIM