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Drayko Drift Riding Jeans Review

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Drayko Drift Riding Jeans Review

Drayko Drift Riding Jeans Review
Drayko put its riding jeans to the "Drag Test."

Drayko put its riding jeans to the “Drag Test.”

I’ve heard of product testing before but Drayko took it to another level when CEO Grant Mackintosh put a pair on then got drug behind a motorcycle at 65 mph to prove their worthiness. We weren’t eager to go to the same extremes as Mackintosh but we have been putting a pair of Drayko Drift Riding Jeans to the test over a summer’s worth of riding.

Drayko did an admirable job of making a pair of riding jeans that don’t weigh much more than your average Levi’s. They accomplished this by making the jeans 64% cotton, 35% polyester and the last 1% elastane. Though I’m not familiar with this last component, by its name I warrant it’s what helps give the denim its stretchiness. Which is a good thing because the mid-rise jeans are fairly slender and fit snug in my thighs but because of their stretchiness are still super comfy. Sizing is spot-on as a 36 is what I wear in everyday jeans as well.

Another reason Drayko was able to keep weight down is the use of a Kevlar and Dyneema blend for its protective panels. Drayko calls its proprietary lining RooMoto. Developed over the past 20 years Drayko said it uses military grade technology in its lining that exceeds stringent European Standard CE testing. The Drift Riding Jeans have large RooMoto panels in the butt, a swath that’s a couple inches wide which runs down the side of the pants from the hips to the knees, and patches in the knees. There’s perforated pockets to slide knee armor into but the armor must be purchased separately (Drayko’s top-shelf Holeshot jeans come with hip and knee armor standard).

Drayko Drift Riding Jeans Review

The Drayko Drift Riding Jeans are lightweight, comfortable, stylish, and have plenty of Drayko’s proprietary RooMoto protective panels in high-impact areas.

After months of wear and several trips to the washing machine the jeans have held up well as all the sections are double-stitched together. They came pre-distressed and have faded only slightly. They’re boot cut and are a little slim at the bottom but I haven’t had any problems sliding them over boots, even my bulky Icon 1000 Elsinores. The front pockets are about hand deep, just big enough for my cell phone, and the pockets on the backside are about the same size. Lightweight and thin, they’ve been ideal for summer rides. Off the bike, you can’t tell the difference between the Drifts and a stylish pair of jeans.

I do have two minor gripes. Because they are thin I did feel quite a bit of the heat coming off the rear jug of Indian’s big Thunder Stroke 111 on my inner thigh. The heat didn’t penetrate my leather riding pants. My other grievance is just about every time I slide them on I catch my right foot on the pocket sewn into the knee because they’re slit in the middle to slide the armor in and the bottom half has a habit of flapping open.

Stylish, comfortable, lightweight, and with plenty of Drayko’s RooMoto protective panels in high-impact areas, the Drayko Drift Riding Jeans are a quality pair of riding jeans at $189.95. They’ve held up well. It’s comforting knowing Drayko’s boss man was so confident in his own product he was willing to put his a** on the line to prove his point. Me, I’ll take Mackintosh’s word for it and hope I never have to test that point out.

Drayko Drift Riding Jeans –$189.95      Available in Sizes 30 – 42

Drayko Drift Riding Jeans

Drayko Drift Riding Jeans Review