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Drill It! Kobalt Cordless Drill/Driver

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Drill It! Kobalt Cordless Drill/Driver


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with drills of every kind. I even remember my dad’s collection of hand drills and can vividly recall when he got an electric plug-in drill. As you can imagine, with electricity powering things, I spent countless hours drilling and screwing anything I could get my hands on. I’m glad to say that things have come a long way since then. These days  I turn to my Kobalt 18-volt 1/2″ cordless lithium-ion drill/driver (#325808/$159).

This cordless drill/driver features a 1/2″ all-metal ratcheting keyless chuck and boasts 455 in-lbs. of torque. It has two variable speed ranges: 0-450 rpm for higher torque and 0-1650 rpm for higher speed. The nifty LED work light is helpful when drilling in tight, dark spots. In my hands it feels lightweight and comfortable. It comes with two compact 18-volt compact lithium-ion batteries that feature an on-board fuel gauge. I found this a welcome feature because when a lithium-ion battery runs out of juice it just stop working, unlike NiCd batteries that slow down and have less power as they run low. This drill is compatible with all Kobalt 18-volt lithium-ion or Kobalt NiCd batteries and the charger that comes with it can charge both. Also, like all Kobalt power tools, this drill is covered by a five-year, hassle-free guarantee while all Kobalt batteries are covered by a three-year guarantee.

Each drill kit comes with a wall-mountable lithium-ion/NiCd charger that only takes 20 minutes to charge a battery, a double-ended driver bit, a bit holder, a belt hook, and a Kobalt contractor tool bag to keep it all together.
Thanks to my new Kobalt 18-volt 1/2″ cordless  I’ve been accused of drilling holes and screwing things with a renewed vigor, even when I shouldn’t be doing so. AIM


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  1. Jason December 2, 2012

    My current drill is about 20 years old, having been handed down to me from my father. I’ve been looking around at new drills and like the sound of this drill. The LED worklights are a great idea as I’m forever bending around trying not to cast a shadow on the area I’m drilling. I will be checking this one out. Thanks for a good review!