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EAR Inc. 3-1 System For Harley Riders

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EAR Inc. 3-1 System For Harley Riders


I’ve been wearing custom earplugs ever since I met the folks from EAR Inc. My first set was a pair of Insta-Molds made for me on the spot at the Sturgis rally. After getting molds made of my ears, I graduated to a pair of Chameleon Ears. From there I upgraded to Acoustic Filtered Chameleon Ears, which are designed to reduce louder sounds to a comfortable level while still allowing speech recognition.

Recently, I decided it might be nice to listen to some tunes if I wanted to. So I called up the folks at EAR and got one of its 3-1 Systems. This is, basically, the best parts of their Musicians Filtered Ear Plugs and OTS High-Definition sports monitors combined into a motorcycle-friendly, versatile earplug.

This product is a set of small, custom-fitted plugs that have snap ring receivers molded to their outside ends, giving me three options. I can choose to cap the ends with either a solid cap to block out all noise, or a filtered cap that provides 15dB of sound reduction across all frequencies. When I want to listen to some tunes, I uncap the earplugs and snap the two coiled, law enforcement-type sound tubes into to the end of each plug. These tubes lead to a transducer and a cable that ends in a standard 3.5mm plug, which allows me to hook into any music source with a jack. Not only do the 3-1s create a fantastic sound, they also come with a great little carry case so you don’t lose any parts.

Like all fitted earplugs, these take a little getting used to, especially when inserting and removing the plugs, as you have to push, pull, and turn at the same time. But it’s worth it because the 3-1 System really put me in my own little world. So if you ever motor up alongside me to say hello, and I don’t respond, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m being rude. I may just be plugged in, enjoying my favorite tunes. Or not! AIM

–Joe Knezevic as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

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