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Ecosse Heretic. American Muscle Motorcycle, Euro Sexy Looks

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Ecosse Heretic. American Muscle Motorcycle, Euro Sexy Looks


Ecosse Heretic sportbike style motorcycle

Ecosse Heretic motorcycle

What’s a millionaire to do if he wants an all-American motorcycle with Harley style power but that unique look and feel more like a Confederate, Ducati, MV Agusta or other exotic Euro-sportbike?

Well, one of his options on the short list would have to be the Ecosse. A VERY limited production machine that he is quite unlikely to see another on the road.

For more than the cost of a decent used Porsche 996 Twin Turbo, you can buy an Ecosse  Heretic for about $70,000 – give or take a little.

Consider what you get for that money is a rare handcrafted motorcycle with a massive air-cooled, pushrod activated Harley-style two liter sized engine. It’s machined from solid billet aluminum, and mounted in a hand-welded custom frame that carries the oil supply similar to some of the 1970s Triumph motorcycles. Handling is top notch thanks to the world class Öhlins suspension.  This machine, like any good high end machine, is bristling with high strength, low weight carbon fiber.

Interested in more information or to order your Ecosse? Visit the Ecosse web site.

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