Electric Harley Motorcycle LiveWire Update 1

We at American Iron Magazine plan to follow the launch and reactions to the concept Harley electric motorcycle, code named LiveWire.

Electric Harley Concept Motorcycle

While details are still few, our research to date indicates the following:

Harley-Davidson management is actively seeking customer feedback – positive and negative.

It is at least two years before Harley would offer this kind of motorcycle for sale IF they offer it at all.

The Lithium-Ion batteries in the concept machine offer a range of approx 100 miles “under typical riding conditions.”

This concept motorcycle can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds.

“Select consumers” around the country will get a chance to ride this concept bike starting next week. NOTE American Iron Magazine staff has been offered one of the very first rides on Monday.

Harley is aiming this new machine (along with the recently introduced Street 500 and 750 motorcycles) at a new and younger audience.

This electric motorcycle concept has been in the works at Harley for at least four years.

No prices or even price ranges have been offered by Harley.

American Iron Magazine plans on having a ride review and photos posted here in a few days.



  1. I’ve been riding Harley’s for 20yrs now, I haven’t even thought about wanting a bike that resembles a crouch rocket, that is until I saw this bike. I love the way it looks and want to ride it bad. It would be bad ass with a real motor! Love what I see!

  2. Looks great! Can’t wait to see and hear it!

  3. Spyder James says:

    …this is a simply beautiful motorcycle…Imagine how well it would sell if Harley had developed this frame for use with a Sportster powertrain…

  4. No Potato Potato idle, however electric vehicles can be blindingly quick out of the hole with 100% torque @ 0 RPM

  5. It’ll probably be priced between a income of $120k to $140k a year purchase price.

  6. Christopher Almeida says:

    I think it looks good, would be a nice commuter bike and I heard you can do amazing things with some battery tweaks. Only thing I’m afraid of is the fact that there will be absolutely no noise. Having been hit on Memorial day with a bike that made plenty of noise; I was told “I heard you but I didn’t see you.” Now there will be one less thing to warn drivers who are clueless to begin with.


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