Evil Ethel and Desert Racer Win Victory’s Operation Octane

Congratulations Strokers Dallas, Operation Octane North American Champion!

Congratulations Strokers Dallas, Operation Octane North American Champion!

And the winners are…

For several weeks now Victory Motorcycle dealers from around the world have been battling it out in Operation Octane, a competition to “build the best custom Octane on the planet.” Dealers were divided into two categories, North America and International with a champion to be declared in each. Besides bragging rights, winning dealerships would receive $5,000 and their customized Octane will be featured in an upcoming Victory print ad. Runner-ups don’t walk away empty handed either, with $3,000 going to second place finishers. After three weeks of online fan voting, “Evil Ethel” by the team at Strokers Dallas was crowned champion in the North American segment while “Desert Racer” by IWAN-BIKES GmbH of Germany won top honors in the International category.

A Strokers Dallas press release stated the biggest challenge building “Evil Ethel” was designing and making the girder front end. The girder and 180mm front tire are design features Fairless reportedly was most proud of. The 2-into-4-into-1 exhaust is another standout component. While the Octane’s standard front fender was widened 5/8” and the rear fender was shaved and widened by 2”, the only geometry changes Strokers made were to front end and the rear, which was lowered a couple inches. The remaining parts, such as the handlebars, seat, grips, pegs, belt guard, license plate bracket, gauge mount, fairing mount, headlight, rock guard, shift sleeve, skid plate, clutch arm cover, radiator grill, cheese wedge and bolt covers are all RF Custom Parts.

Operation Octane North America Winner - Evil Ethel by Strokers Dallas out of Dallas, TX

“My objective was to build an Octane that was different from what any other builders have done. I am very happy and proud with the outcome of Ethel,” stated Fairless in company PR.

According to Victory Motorcycles website, “The Desert Racer is born from the underground! Special knobby tires, a low handlebar, a metal cooler protector, off-road footrests and a real leather seat make you ready for hard rides! The front suspension is protected, and the rear fender is special designed for muddy roads. The paint job is handmade, it’s a real military color! The design is special airbrush work. To transport some goods we have added throw-over-bags.”

Desert Racer Victory Octane - International Operation Octane Winner

Desert Racer Victory Octane – International Operation Octane Winner! (Photo courtesy of Victory Motorcycles)

Hail to the victors, and a shout-out to the Operation Octane runners-up as well.

Operation Octane North America Winner
Evil Ethel – Strokers Dallas; Dallas, TX

Runner Up
King Octane – Coastal Victory; Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Desert Racer by IWAN-BIKES GmbH, Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Germany

Congratulations International Operation Octane winner, IWAN-BIKES GmbH out of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Germany! (Photo courtesy of Victory Motorcycles)

Operation Octane International Winner
Desert Racer – IWAN-BIKES GmbH; Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Germany

International Runner Up
Grifter – Brisan Motorcycles; Newcastle, Australia

Evil Ethel Specs:
Builder: Rick Fairless Strokers Dallas & RF Custom Parts
Owner: Rick Fairless
Bike: 2017 Victory Octane
Motor: Victory 1179cc Liquid Cooled 60 degree V-Twin
Transmission: Victory 6 Speed
Painter: Gary Queen – OSC
Front Wheel: 18” x 5.5”
Rear Wheel: 18” x 8.5”
Front Tire: Dunlop 18” 180mm
Rear Tire: Dunlop 18” 240mm
Front Fender: Victory – Widened 5/8”
Rear Fender: Victory – Shaved & Widened 2”
Side Bags: RF Custom Parts
Fender Struts: RF Custom Parts
Headlight: RF Custom Parts
Taillight: Custom Made – RF Custom Parts
Rear Suspension: Victory Piggyback Shocks with RF Custom Lowing Blocks
Front Forks Girder – RF Custom Parts & Voodoo Vintage
Exhaust: RF Custom Parts – 2 into 4 into 1
Handlebars: RF Custom Parts
Seat: RF Custom Parts
Pegs: RF Custom Parts
Belt Guard: RF Custom Parts
License Bracket: RF Custom Parts
Gauge Mount: RF Custom Parts
Headlight Mount: RF Custom Parts
Fairing Mount: RF Custom Parts
Rock Guard: RF Custom Parts
Grips: RF Custom Parts
Shift Sleeve: RF Custom Parts
Skid Plate: RF Custom Parts
Clutch Arm Cover: RF Custom Parts
Radiator Grill: RF Custom Parts
Cheese Wedge: RF Custom Parts
Bolt Covers: RF Custom Parts

Desert Racer Specs:
Tire: Continental TKC 80, 180 rear, 140 front
Handlebar: Victory Drag Bar
Mirror: Aluminum
Illumination: Front lights 7 “, H-D Style, blinkers all around Mini LED, rear light LED in Bates-style
Standpipe cover: Leather with moss rubber backing, bellows
Cooling panel: Complete self-made steel with steel grille
Rear fender / rear: steel fender, modified
Luggage carrier: Victory Octane, modified, with leather straps
Overrunning pockets: optional, lateral spacers on the mudguard
Side cover: Former start number plates, modified
Seat: Victory, modified and covered with leather, embroidered
Footrests: MotoCross, modified
Exhaust: Penzl / V2-Speed, elbow with heat protection tape wrapped
Paint: Original military paint. Airbrush by Thomas Kuttner (realistic-airbrush.de)