Famed Racer Dick Mann Resigns AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Over Nobby Clark Fiasco

First it was Dave Despain, now Dick Mann resigns from the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame over the AMA’s mishandling of what is being referred to as the Nobby Clark Fiasco. How many more AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famers will resign before a full and complete investigation and possible house cleaning of AMA’s management is done?

Here is Dick Mann’s resignation letter (courtesey of Ed Youngbloods Motohistory.net):

July 12, 2012 

Motorcycle Hall of Fame

13515 Yarmouth Dr.

Pickerington, OH 43147

Enclosed is the medal I received when I was inducted in the AMA Hall Of Fame in 1998. This is in response to the mismanagement of the HOF Directors of the induction/non-induction of Nobby Clark. 

I was one of the original committee members involved in organizing the current Hall of Fame. Lately, I have watched this organization slide into mediocrity, apparently from the lack leadership and knowledge of the history of our sport.

Due to Nobby Clark’s contributions to the sport of motorcycles, it is my   opinion there is no one more deserving of being inducted in the HOF.  Since that is not going to happen, I no longer want to be considered a part of the Hall of Fame.


Dick Mann

AMA #59858


  1. Chuck Lantz says:

    This reply is two years late, but I wanted to add my thoughts about Dick Mann’s resignation. I was honored to have known Dick briefly in the late 1960s when I worked at Karl’s Motors in Richmond, California, where Dick worked and where he built his racers.

    To be brief, if he says there’s a problem with the HOF, you can bet the farm that there is very definitely a problem.

  2. Jim Wulzen says:

    Great move Dick! They need someone who was riding in the 50’s forward to capture all the greats in Motor cycle racing golden years. Starting at the Richmond Rambles cludhouse. Or the Oakland playground where on any Sunday you could see the likes of Dick Mann, Duane Francisco, Dick Dorresteyn, Mel Gresel, Ken Evilsizer, Jim Plain, Bob Potter and my self riding the Oakland Hills fire roads. I was so far behind the pack I think I was in North Oakland and they were waiting in Richmond! Dick would always talk to you. I think what Knobby did was great. He was the man for great riders from Hailwood Ago to King Kenny an all in between. He got to work on and make fast the premier machines form the 60’s to the 80’s. Now in vintage racing he’s the king, long live the king!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jeff LaMattina says:

    until I hear a complete apology to Mr. Mann. you can take your ama and stick it up you exhaust pipe.

  4. Add three time world champion 500cc roadracer Kenny Roberts to those who have resigned so far. More to come?

  5. Daniel K. Statnekov says:

    There’s only one person who should resign here and that’s the idiot at the top!