Feuling Introduces Two New Oil System Kits for Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight

Feuling’s HP+ pump for oil-cooled Milwaukee-Eight

Feuling has introduced two new oil system kits for the Milwaukee-Eight, the HP+ and Race Series. Both include Feuling’s high-flow billet cam plate made of 7075 aluminum, which is 50 percent harder and stronger than stock plates. These kits will increase oil flow and volume via enlarged oil pump reservoirs and critical oil passage holes, thereby increasing oil flow to the lifters, piston cooling jets, crankshaft, and rod bearings. Installing these kits will keep the engine 15-25 F cooler, the oil 15-30 F cooler, and the oil pressure 10-30 PSI higher. They will reduce wet sumping, blowby, and the threat of an oily air cleaner. The HP+ and Race Series kits will fit 2017 and later oil-cooled and 2017 and later water-cooled M-8 engines. HP+, $999.95; Race Series, $1,199.95. Feuling Parts, FeulingParts.com.

Feuling’s Race series oil pump