Flow Wall Garage Cabinet System Install for Home Workshops

Flow Wall Garage Cabinet System Install

This story originally ran in the Sept./Oct. Issue of American Iron Garage p. 54-55. Get you a copy at GreaseRag.com

The ultimate storage workstation for your home shop! By Tyler Greenblatt

As I’ve said many times before, making use of the space in your garage or shop is so incredibly important because for most of us that space comes at a premium. I envy the guys who have that big steel shop on their property loaded up with work benches, bolted-down equipment, and maybe even multiple bike lifts. But that’s not the reality for everyone.

So when I come across a product that not only improves the use of space, but adds storage and looks awesome, it’s going to pique my interest. That’s the case with Flow Wall’s garage workbench/storage systems. They’re completely modular, so you can easily move things around as you like, and build up your system as expenses allow. You can get going with a starter kit, or just piece together a few components at a time. I decided to start with the Seven-piece Deluxe Cabinet Storage Set (#FCS-12012-12B-7RC2/$2,099.99) in Flow Wall’s new red carbon fiber and black backing trim. Twelve different color options are available to suit your own style, but that red carbon fiber just looks killer. I’m blown away at the quality, too; it’s not just a cheap laminate cover that peels off after the first use. Kudos to Flow Wall for building something that can stand up to actual garage use.

The Deluxe kit comes with three upper cabinets, a tall storage cabinet, two lower cabinets (one with drawers), a tough 6′ work surface, and a bunch of accessory hooks and bins. Everything that fit on my previous shelf setup easily fit into the cabinets, with tons of extra space still available!

One of my favorite parts about the Flow Wall system is the fact that it can be customized to your exact specifications and preferences. I’m 6’1″, and I like working on tall benches that I don’t have to hunch over to use. I was able to set my Flow Wall bench 44″ above the floor. Also, my garage has a low concrete backing that wouldn’t allow for cabinet legs. Every house is different, but there’s always something that gets in the way! The Flow Wall is only connected to the wall, meaning that it doesn’t matter what’s on your floor, you just need a clean 6′ x 8′ wall section for the cabinet and bench.

The Flow Wall system is a major headache reducer for my garage, and I have more valuable space for motorcycles and shop equipment. Follow along with the installation process below as part of our American Iron Garage upgrade series.

Tools Needed
• Phillips bit
• Phillips screwdriver (medium)
• Drill
• Level

If you already have drywall up, first locate and mark the studs. Then mark the outline of the panels so that the edges line up in the middle of the final studs. For the Deluxe system, mark a rectangle 6′ tall and 12′ wide. It comes with both 8′ long panels and 4′ long panels. We’re mounting our bottom panel 16″ off the floor, which will make a nice height for the work counter for a 6-foot-tall person.

Install the bottom panel first by screwing it into the studs using the supplied screws. Don’t forget to use a level! Use eight screws per 4′ panel, or two screws per stud.

Flow Wall Install American Iron Garage

3 After screwing in the first panel (there are four channels running the length of the panel for screw points), place the second panel into the groove on the top of the first panel and screw it into the wall. It should lock in fairly securely. Do this for all the remaining panels.

Assemble the base cabinets as per the included instructions. The hardware and Allen key are provided, but you’ll need your own medium Phillips screwdriver. Mount it at the desired height and then slide it to the desired location.

Now assemble and mount the wall cabinets using the included instructions and hardware.

Flow Wall Garage Cabinet System Install

6 Assemble and mount the tall storage cabinet. You might need two people for this. You can see the outline of the Flow Wall system coming together.

Install the hinges in the cabinets and mount the cabinet doors using the supplied hardware. One of the base cabinets uses a three-drawer setup, there are no pilot holes for the drawer slides.

Set the Flow Wall workbench on top of the two base cabinets and that’s it. The weight and rubber strips alone keep it in place.

9 The Deluxe Flow Wall system includes six additional 4′ panels. They easily mount around objects like outlets and light switches. Handy alignment dowels are included for mounting panels side by side, and end caps clean up the look. Like the dowels, they pop into ends of the panels.

Flow Wall Garage Cabinet Install

10 The Deluxe kit comes with a variety of attachments that easily mount onto the Flow Wall panels with no tools.

Flow Wall Garage System Install

11 The kit also comes with several different types of hooks. Insert the flat end up into the Flow Wall panel, then press down until the locking section snaps in securely.


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