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For All You Gearheads, We’ve Put Together American Iron Garage

Chris Maida News

For All You Gearheads, We’ve Put Together American Iron Garage


Whenever I meet our readers at events or out on the open road, a comment I often hear is how much they like the way we do our tech articles. Of course, what they want in tech varies, but that’s to be expected. Some readers want more Twin Cam stuff, such as air cleaner, exhaust, and cam installs with dyno numbers. Others want Shovel and Ironhead tech. These engines are classic but inexpensive (at least for the moment) motors that are great for building hot rod bobbers. And let’s not forget the ever-present Evo crowd, both Big Twin and Sportster.

As for chassis styles, it should be no surprise that bagger tech is also in big demand, but Softail, Dyna, and Sportster stuff is not far behind. Whatever it is they want, readers all agree that they love the way we do our tech because we take you through the entire installation process with easy-to-follow, step-by-step photos and captions.

Our goal in this is twofold. The first is to show you how to do the installation in your own garage. In these tight times, many readers can afford the parts but not the cost of labor to install them. The second is to show you how the shop we’re doing that project with  does the job. This way you know how they work and can feel confident that if you bring your bike there they will do the job right.

So, for all you gearheads, we’ve putting together an issue that’s stuffed with tech of all kinds! In fact, there are only 12 pages of bikes in the whole issue and those are machines someone has built in his garage. The rest of the articles are installs and how-tos, plus four How It Works and a short Widgets section featuring only tools and chemicals. American Iron Garage is a newsstand-only issue; it’ll be on sale September 4. Can’t find it? Contact Rosemary at 203/425-8777, ext. 114 or click up Greaserag.com.

Travel Tips
this month’s travel tip is compliments of reader Cliff Terry. Cliff writes, “I have a parking tip that could save someone’s bike. Never pull all the way into a parking space between two cars. Always keep the back wheel of your bike even with the back wheel of the adjacent cars. If you pull the bike all the way in, an inattentive driver may spot what appears to be an empty space in an otherwise full lot and pull into the space at speed only to find your bike in the way. This happened to me one day. A driver almost hit my bike right in front of me! Thankfully, no damage was done, but a lesson was learned — for both of us.”

See you on the road. Chris Maida Editor

Story as printed in the October issue of American Iron Magazine.


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  1. jeffrey December 17, 2012

    Hi Chris love your mag. Why don’t you guys & Harley-Davidson get together and have the a bike event in the city of Killeen Tx for there 110th Anniversary Celebration at the Killeen Civic & Conference Center
    254-501-3888 There’s a hotel rigth next to the center Shilo Inn. We have lots of bikers & every year new bees bikers. This we be the 1st ever event in this city. We have 3 different Harley Davidson dealership.
    Hope not the last. Please make it happen it will be my 1st biker event just like many other in the area.
    E-mail me if you pull it off don’t what to miss it. Thank You jeff

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