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Garage Build Motorcycle Magazine, Web Site & Free Events

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Garage Build Motorcycle Magazine, Web Site & Free Events


Our “All-Tech and DIY” motorcycle magazine American Iron Garage has been overhauled and expanded over the off season and will reappear in February as Garage Build magazine.

Garage Build – Celebrating The DIY Motorcycle Culture – goes on sale in February.

Garage Build is all about Celebrating the DIY Motorcycle Culture!

“We recognized how popular a hands on magazine like this with a wide range of riders, from first time wrenches to enthusiasts looking for a better way to keep their motorcycle looking and running their best.” Publisher Buzz Kanter stated. “What we didn’t expect is how popular the magazine’s DIY tech and homebuild customers would be with new riders and younger people the industry benefits from in the long term.”

EXPANDED EDITORIAL In response to the growing demand for all makes, models and brands of motorcycles, TAM Communications (publisher of American Iron Magazine and American Iron Salute) is expanding what was an all-American editorial content to also include metric bikes.

SUBSCRIBE FOR $9.97 A YEAR Garage Build magazine is published on a quarterly frequency and you can subscribe for only $9.97 a year (click SUBSCRIPTION for more info or to order yours) or buy copies in the store for $6.99 per issue.

FREE WEB SITE & VIRTUAL BIKE SHOW There is a free Garage Build web site to share photos and info of your own homebuilt custom, restored or classic motorcycle. It is a virtual motorcycle show you can check out on your smartphone or computer. Some of these bikes will also be featured in the print magazine.

FREE MOTORCYCLE SHOWS The Garage Build brand is also expanding into free home-built motorcycle shows (no professional built bikes allowed) in Daytona and Sturgis.

The free Daytona 2019 Garage Build Motorcycle Show will be at the Broken Spoke Saloon in Ormond Beach FL starting around noon on Friday, March 15. It is free to enter your garage built bike (all makes, models, years and styles – but NO PRO BUILDS please) and it’s free to attend. Sponsors include Garage Build magazine, American Iron Magazine and Dennis Kirk.