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Gator Skins Cold Weather Riding Gear

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Gator Skins Cold Weather Riding Gear


Like a salmon going back to its breeding grounds, every year I ride from the frozen Northeast or Dallas to Daytona, Florida, for Bike Week. If I’m riding down the coast, I have to be hermetically sealed in gear and wearing electric gloves, vest, and socks to keep from freezing my butt off, since the temps are usually in the 20s or teens when standing still. At highway speeds, it’s well below zero! As you would expect, my preferred route is from Dallas, where the temps, though only in the 40s or 50s, are a heck of a lot easier to deal with!

But that doesn’t mean I get away with just a T-shirt. I still have to wear something under my leather jacket and blue jeans to keep the blood flowing. That’s where Gator Skins come into play. This new thermal underwear kept me nice and warm, without lots of bulky fabric. Gator Skins are knitted from an extremely thin, lightweight, and breathable fabric that’s also waterproof. Developed by DuPont researchers, this nonshrinking fabric, which is made of ultra microfibers smaller than a human red blood cell, holds in your body heat better than any other fabric. I stayed toasty warm and many times forgot I was even wearing them. When I no longer needed them, both the shirt and pants rolled up into a bundle smaller than my jeans. Gator Skins are just what I needed for my cold weather road trips.

Now if only somebody at Calvin Klein would see this review, maybe I can start a new career being a famous underwear model! AIM
–Chris Maida as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

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