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Shifting Gears with Buzz Kanter


SHIFTING GEARS, by Buzz Kanter, Publisher

Riders hard on the throttle, going sideways through the turns, inches away from each other at insane speeds

Name an all-American form of motorcycle racing that has historically pitted Harley-Davidson against Indian. While some could make a case for drag racing, I have in mind flat track motorcycle racing, specifically American Flat Track (AFT), which has enjoyed a massive revival in the last couple of years.
If you have never attended an AFT national race, do yourself a favor and get to one. It will blow your mind what these young men and women do to bend the laws of physics. They make motorcycles do things we could not imagine, all at speeds that will make you jump out of your seat in disbelief.

I have enjoyed these races in the last couple of years and attended the 2018 final at the famous Meadowlands track in New Jersey. This is the first time anyone can remember when there was flat track racing on this world-class track. And it was amazing!

Riders in what has been dubbed “America’s original extreme sport” are athletes in every sense of the word. They need skill, coordination, and will to tuck in behind the handlebars at up to 150 mph to cheat the wind. Then quickly sit up and pitch the bike sideways into high speed corners, spinning the rear tire hard under full throttle. Muscle through two left-handers and back into a high-speed tuck down the back straight and then do it all over again. Did I say over 150 mph on the dirt? Yep. And maybe even faster on the longer tracks.

I left the Meadowlands race impressed with two very different observations. The first was how competitive the racing was with riders hard on the throttle, going sideways through the turns, inches away from each other at insane speeds. The other was how excited the throngs of passionate fans were to meet the racers for photos and autographs. Unlike many motorcycle sports these days, a crowd of thousands of fans waited anxiously for the pits to open during a planned meet and greet. If this passion continues to grow—and this sport deserves it—I see an exciting new future for motorcycling. Check out Q&N on pages 16-18 for some more AFT news, including the first half of the 2019 schedule. And head to for more information.

Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction
Each year, the classic motorcycle world kicks things off at the motorcycle auctions in Las Vegas. Last year, I covered the Mecum auction action in AIM. I plan to attend again this year and hope to share a firsthand, behind-the-scenes report of what it’s like to sell classic motorcycles at auction. Now I have to figure out what machinery to offer for sale. Hope to see you there. For more info, please visit

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