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Harley Ramble Motorcycle Boots

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Harley Ramble Motorcycle Boots


Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Boots

When I picked up street riding this summer, I knew I needed a boot that was designed for the kind of riding that I wanted to do. Flipping through the Harley-Davidson Footwear catalog, I stopped on the Ramble. It’s a conservatively styled boot, so my gear wouldn’t speak louder than my minimal street-riding skills. But the Ramble was certainly an upgrade from my old, muddy brown work boots.

Forget about so-called break-in time. As soon as I got these babies, I went on an eight-hour ride. I walked and rode in my boots from 7am to 5pm, and I could have even slept in them, they were so comfortable! Right out of the box, the over-the-ankle Ramble boots delivered the performance that I needed in an arena that doesn’t lend itself to many second chances. I could feel the shift lever almost as well as if I’d been riding barefoot. After eight hours of riding on a hot August day, my feet were the only part of me that weren’t sweating. I even wore the same socks the next day. Just kidding, but I probably could have gotten away with it. While taking these Ramble boots off for the first time, I almost started untying the laces, when I remembered that they had a full-length zipper running down the inside, which I unzipped as easy as my fly.

Wolverine, the maker of H-D footwear, rates the Ramble as “best” in abrasion resistance and oil resistance, and rates it at “good” for slip resistance. Thankfully, I haven’t yet tested out the abrasion resistance, but, after eight hours worth of city shifting, there’s barely a scuff mark or scratch. In terms of slip resistance, well, when I put my feet down at a stop, the soles held their ground. I’ve got countless miles of riding left in me, and I have no doubt that these boots are going to be around for a good many of them. AIM

–Tyler Greenblatt as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

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