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Harley 2014 Motorcycles With New Air And Precision Cooled V-Twin

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Harley 2014 Motorcycles With New Air And Precision Cooled V-Twin


14-hd-electra-glide-ultra-limitedhd-project-rushmore-engineWe have boots on the ground at Harley’s 2014 model launch in Denver, CO., and see that H-D’s added more than just a re-badge and paint scheme option this year. The motor company has introduction a brand new air and precision cooled powerplant to run some of their larger touring bikes.

Harley’s new 2014 Ultra Limited features the company’s new Twin-Cooled™ High Output Twin Cam 103™ engine, Reflex™ Linked Brakes with ABS, electronic cruise control, Security System, unique two-tone paint schemes, premium Tour-Pak® luggage rack, premium, plush removable luggage liners and heated hand grips as standard features.

There’s also a 110 cubic inch version of the new engine available in the CVO Limited.

We’re putting some miles on these 2014 Harley’s, and will have full reviews of the new bikes soon in an upcoming issue of American Iron.




  1. Cameron July 3, 2014

    So…It’s been nearly a year now and I still have not ever seen your review of the precision cooled HD motorcycles. I guess I never will.

  2. Kevin Colbath July 1, 2014

    Love AIM you all do a great job. That being said when will you shed some LIGHT on the headlights now available to us. After a recent accident where the cager “didn’t see me” and turned into the road and into me and my NEW FLHRI I want my next bike to shine like a Christmas Tree. Ill ask Buzz on FB as well.
    Ride safe everyone.

  3. Cameron February 24, 2014

    Still waiting for your review, American Iron.

  4. frank persson January 5, 2014

    Have the option of purchasing 2011 CVO ultra classic for $25000
    I do like the 2014 CVO LED lights electronic display/GPS integration and now this liquid cooled exhaust valves.It will cost a cool $45000
    Does this new liquid cool technology mandate that this is what we should be buying or is the “older air cooled technology” still adequate.
    thoughts appreciated

  5. Cameron December 3, 2013

    So when is the full review coming? It has been three months already….

  6. Mike October 28, 2013

    Al, I agree with you. I have kept my 06 Road King Custom an have purchased a new 2013 Fat Bob (non Ca.) I feel that the two bike’s really complement each other regarding my riding style.

  7. Joe September 14, 2013

    Had the Ultra Limited a little over a week now. First trip 90 + degrees. Rode about 4 hours…..no heat problem. Put my hand betweem the head and plastic heat guard….Love it! As long as it keeps working, I am thrilled!

  8. John Culbertson September 8, 2013

    I’ll be purchasing a 2014 Ultra Limited but I will be voiding the warranty day one I do not want no abs or linked braking I test drove it and had a fit every time the front end pulled down when I applied only the back brake I will be pulling the fuse on the abs and completely removing the linking brake line I pick the bike up Monday 6/9/13 at 10:00 am and by 3:00 pm it will have a normal braking system.

  9. Al Turner August 20, 2013

    It was inevitable, they had to water cool them eventually. I know all the benefits, but it’s one more thing to maintain. It was surprising that only a handful of the dressers were affected and not all of them. I was also half assed expecting a Road Glide V-Rod, not to have them drop the Road Glide. Now my own personal peeve, what in Gods name did they do to the Fat Bob? It’s bad enough they have the ugliest paint colors and stripes, but that fiasco rear fender/taillight nightmare is too much. Hopefully lasts years version will be available as a optional replacement or as a kit to change it over. Harley, I was looking to this years bikes to maybe trade my “09 Road King for a new one, but I’d better look for a new 2013. I love my King so maybe I’ll keep her and just buy a 2013 Fat Bob.