Harley-Davidson Announces New 2019 FXDR

New Power Cruiser Offers Racing Style and Performance

The FXDR 114 is a power cruiser that brings a new level of performance to the Harley-Davidson lineup. The FXDR 114 combines the power of the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine with weight-saving aluminum and composite components, including a new aluminum swingarm (10.2 pounds lighter), aluminum subframe, lightweight wheels, and composite fenders, to amplify every aspect of its agile handling and performance.

The forward-facing air intake, like those found on drag bikes, will enhance airflow into the engine. It’s equipped with the most powerful engine offered in the Softail chassis, a Milwaukee-Eight 114 tuned to pound out up to 119 ft-lbs. of torque at 3500 rpm (US model). The strong-and-rigid Softail chassis and premium suspension components offer agility when riding through twisting backroads and navigating congested urban traffic. The FXDR offers more lean angle than any other Softail model, 32.6 degrees to the left and 32.8 degrees to the right.

Visually, the FXDR communicates its commitment to performance through design inspirations from the drag strip – from a molded speed screen to a clipped tail section and solo seat. The rear fender is shaped to hug a massive 240mm Michelin Scorcher tire and moves with the tire through the range of the suspension. The front fork is inspired by the Fat Bob, a 43mm assembly.

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MSRP for the FXDR 114 will start at $21,349 for Gloss Black and $21,749 for Denim Colors.