Harley Davidson Motorcycle Footwear Laramie Boots

I don’t know about you, but when I’m OUT and about on a motorcycle, I rely more on my riding boots than any other piece of gear. And I expect real comfort on and off the bike.

I need my riding boots to be sturdy enough to handle good weather and bad. They must also offer above-ankle protection. I expect them not to slip on the brake pedal or the ground. It’s also important to me that they look good.

As an editor of a motorcycle magazine, I ride a lot of miles on many different motorcycles, and the last thing I want to do is find myself distracted by my boots. Knowing how important riding boots are, I try to keep mine in reasonable condition, but I don’t baby them. I have had great luck with Harley-Davidson boots and typically get two or three years of hard use out of them.

I like the look of the Laramie boots from Harley Footwear. They have a good thick rubber sole with plenty of grip on a wet or oily road surface, a decent look, and are tall enough to cover my ankles. I could do without the Harley Bar & Shield logo on the side and the Harley badges on the laces. I appreciate the zipper on the side of each boot making it easy to pull on or off, and the laces allow me to make the fit as snug or as loose as I like.

Some boots I test don’t make it a hundred miles before they get tossed, but these Laramie boots have already lasted more miles than that. I have found them comfortable all day long, on and off the bike, and they aren’t even fully broken in yet. I’ll miss my old boots, but think I am going to like these new Harley Laramie boots a lot. AIM

Visit your local dealer, www.Harley-DavidsonFootwear.com

Product Review By Buzz Kanter

Story as published in the June 2011 issue of American Iron Magazine.


  1. Craig Sharp says:

    No longer available, evidently.