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Harley Garage Time & Daytona Harley Baggers Party

Buzz Kanter Harley Magazine Blog

Harley Garage Time & Daytona Harley Baggers Party


It was Sunday morning, and everyone in the house was busy or still sleeping. I had finished my latest Honey Do list (honey, do this, honey, do that … ), so I headed to the garage to spend some long overdue time with my motorcycles.

Motorcycles have been an important part of my life for more than 35 years. I cherish my Sunday morning rides before my wife and kids are up and making plans for me. And I get a wonderful feeling of satisfaction after spending time cleaning up and orga­nizing my garage, or working on my motorcycles. Rarely do I get the time to maintain my current ride and actually ride it. This past Sunday was a rare and welcome exception.

Over the years I have bought and sold a lot of great bikes. And I feel fortunate to still own some of my favorites. They might not be the most valuable or rare, but there is something about each of them that I find special. One is my dirty old 1948 Harley Panhead (American Iron Harley magazine Crustoration Project). While this is a machine I ride a lot, I can’t remember ever washing or even really cleaning it. But so long as I keep the battery maintained and charged, it always starts and runs well.

This past Sunday, the thermometer registered an oil thickening 31 degrees. I fired up the old Panhead and went for my usual breakfast ride with a few pals. By the time I got back home two hours later, I was recharged and ready for more. I pulled into my garage and drained and refilled the engine and transmission oil, which was long overdue. I then rolled it back outside (it had warmed to a balmy 40 degrees) and washed the bike down, removing years of grime and road grunge. Then back into the garage where I lubricated the chain and all the grease fittings. While this routine maintenance might not sound exciting to you, it was like a small slice of heaven for me. With it all clean and dialed-in, I’m looking forward to taking my ’48 Pan out for this Sunday’s ride. I don’t know if she will run any better, but I’ll feel good knowing I have her running right.

If you own or are interested in classic American motorcycles I’d like to invite you to our classic Harley forum.

Motorcycle Bagger Harley magazine Launch Party and Bike Show
March is right around the corner, and that means the annual Daytona Beach Bike Week party is almost here. This event is fun every year, but we want this one to be something special. In conjunction with celebrating our 22nd birthday here at American Iron Magazine, we’re expanding our most popular special issue magazine ever — American Iron Motorcycle Bagger — to a bimonthly publication in March.

While we never need any particular reason to have a party, we figure a magazine launch party is a no-brainer. So we’re teaming up with our pal and Bonneville racer Jay Allen at his Broken Spoke Saloon in Daytona to have a party and bike show. Please consider this my personal invite to you to join us for the American Iron Motorcycle Bagger Launch Party and Bike Show starting at 1 pm, Friday, March 11.

It doesn’t matter if you arrive on a bagger, bobber, stocker, or by car, join us at the Broken Spoke Saloon to meet the editors of American Iron Magazine and Motorcycle Bagger. The Broken Spoke is a wild place, and you never know what to expect there, so you might want to bring a camera.

If this sounds like fun, please spread the word about this event. We want lots of people and as many custom baggers as we can fit into our free bike show. Our crew will be on the hunt for interesting motorcycles to photograph and feature in our magazines. All American-made baggers are welcome, custom or classic, for the show and party.

Want more information about our new Motorcycle Bagger Harley magazine? Visit our web site at www.MotorcycleBagger.com for details and a free Harley baggers forum, or subscribe for only $11.99 a year (six issues) by calling toll-free 877/204-0774 with a credit card.

Ride safe, ride smart, have fun. — Buzz Kanter