Harley Magazine Contest Motorcycle Bagger Free Subscription

Every issue of Motorcycle Bagger we run a number of custom Harley bagger motorcycles as well as at last one new Harley bagger review. In addition we run one classic American bagger motorcycle in each issue as a salute to the wonderful history of American motorcycling.

We need a good name for this feature and decided to let the readers come up with names and submit them to us. In American Iron Magazine we call that section the Classic American Iron.

The one we pick will earn the person a free one year subscription to Motorcycle Bagger. And no, we will not call it Old Bags or Saggy Bags! 🙂


  1. Korey Papke says:

    How about “Old School Cool”

  2. Daniel Washburn says:

    How about “Dad’s Bag” or “Our Dads Bags” “Our Dads Baggers” “The Ol Man’s Bagger” “The Ol Mans Pride and Joy” “Pops Putt” Ya know, in honor of all the dads, uncles and grandpa’s and other old coots..wait, how about “Coots Scoots” or the “Ol Coots Scoots?” I got a million of me if you want…

  3. I submit “Baggage – Enter the Age of the Bagger”

  4. Christopher Sereno says:

    Keep it fun and simple…my pick is:

    The “All American” Classic…yummy in your tummy “B.L.T.”

    Bagger Life Times

  5. Shea Stinson says:

    old school days in new school ways

  6. Bill Allard says:

    My name for the “classic bikes” article is (drum roll please)”Back in the Day”. It’s a term we hear quite often these days.

  7. Soft or Hard

  8. Eric Bartock says:

    Vintage American Baggers

  9. Tim Jantzen says:

    Day 1 Dedicated American Baggers.