Harley Magazine News: American Iron Magazine Celebrates 25th Anniversary in 2014

All of us at American Iron Magazine want to thank our readers and advertisers for keeping us the best selling Harley magazine in the world and for supporting us for 25 years in March 2014.

We will soon be announcing the details, but American Iron Magazine will be announcing a terrific 25th anniversary sweepstakes program for the new year. No details yet, but you will be blown away by the quality and quantity of great motorcycle prizes and giveaways we have in store.


  1. Rick Havern says:

    Congrats on 25 years. Great magazine, I look forward to each issue & read it cover to cover.

    Don Gomo, on you article ‘accidents happen’ you forgot a VERY important item, take photos, lots of them from every angle. Almost everyone has a cell phone w/camera & a picture is worth a thousand words & hard to refute. In my case a neighbor came around curve on wrong side of road & I had nowhere to go. The local PD officer wasn’t the sharpest pencil in the box & listed me at fault. The photos I took saved me from increased or canceled insurance as they showed she was clearly on the wrong side of road when I was struck.