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Harley, Indian & Motorcycle Magazine Changes

Buzz Kanter Harley Magazine News

Harley, Indian & Motorcycle Magazine Changes


The good news regarding Harley & Indian related motorcycle magazines is that TAM Communications’ American Iron Magazine is as strong as our name with great 13 issues a year (one every 4 weeks). Also, our all-tech and DIY magazine – American Iron Garage is still published with 6 issues a year.

We at TAM Communications can do this by producing solid products our readers want, and thanks to the solid support we get from our active and engaged readers and our smart advertisers.

This is not the case for the two other leading motorcycle magazine publishers. As I have long predicted, the motorcycle magazine business, like many others, is consolidating to companies who are able to deliver the goods the customers want.

This is certainly not proof of the death of print, but more a case of management decisions that proved to be lacking or incorrect.

Since founding TAM Communications in 1989 in a spare bedroom in my house, we have always made our #1 focus producing the highest quality products that real enthusiasts want to read and enjoy. We have never taken shortcuts or passed off rehashed press releases as real editorial.

Our team of dedicated enthusiasts works hard to publish the best product week in and week out since 1989! That’s our short and long term goal for everything we do. Always has been, always will be.

Print is not dead, but the publications that do not produce what the readers want to buy – well I don’t see much future for them.

In 2017 and at the start of 2018, we see significant changes with two of the three major motorcycle magazine publishers.

At Paisano, 4 of the 5 motorcycle magazines – V-Twin, In The Wind, Wrench and Road Iron – all are gone and have been folded into Easyriders.

At Bonnier, 3 of their 6 motorcycle magazines are out of print. Baggers is being folded into Hot Bike. Both Hot Bike and Motorcyclist are cut back to 6 issues a year. Cycle World is being slashed to only 4 issues. They folded Sport Rider and Dirt Rider in print.

Regardless of what the other publishers are doing, solid magazines like American Iron Magazine and American Iron Garage show that print in NOT dead!

On behalf of our entire team at American Iron Magazine and American Iron Garage, thanks again for you support. We simply can’t do it without you.

Buzz Kanter, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief.

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