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Harley Motorcycle Rain Gear

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Harley Motorcycle Rain Gear


No one can say I didn’t give this rain gear a long-term test! I’ve been wearing H-D’s Paclite rain jacket and pants combo for almost three years. Heck, I still have short hair in the product shot, which we always do as soon as we get the gear. This Gore-Tex suit, which includes a jacket with hood (#98306-05VX/000L, $215-$225) and pants (#98307-05VX/000S, $185-$195) can be purchased separately, which is a good thing since I needed a large jacket and short pants.

This suit has served me well on many a road trip. The jacket truly is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. The Gore-Tex material is the reason why this gear works so well, since it keeps water out, but doesn’t make you sweat. There’s a full-zipper front closure that’s covered by a watertight seam seal. The cuffs are elastic and the hood, which is removable, fits under a full helmet and helps keep you dry and warm. There are two zippered pockets, but they’re not watertight, so choose wisely what you put in them.

As for the pants, all the above Gore-Tex stuff applies here, too. The zipper down the side of each leg is also covered by a watertight seam seal. Inside both legs is a heat-resistant shield, which has held up well to whatever I’ve put it through. My favorite feature is that when the butt is wet it doesn’t slide around on the seat easily. These pants also come with removable suspenders, but I never used them.

Hopefully, I won’t hit rain on this year’s Dallas-to-Daytona trip for Bike Week. But if I do, I’ll have this gear with me, since stopping is not an option. If I choose to ride to an event, I have to be there on time, no matter what the weather does. AIM

–Chris Maida

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