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Harley Motorcycle Tour, 12 Must Bring Items


If you and a pal were going to fly out to buy used Harleys and then take a 1,500+ mile back-road adventure tour back home, what would you pack?

Used 2002 Harley Twin Cam Ultra

Buzz Kanter is planning on doing just that with his riding pal Paul Ousey and follow the adventure in American Iron Magazine. They will fly to Milwaukee to pick up a pair of cheap used, high-mileage Harley-Davidson Twin Cam Ultras, tour across the heartland and then ride them back home.

Their challenge is to pack what they need on the ride, and check their gear at the airport to fly out.

Here are dozen items the feel they must bring on the ride.

  1. Modular full face helmet
  2. 3-season riding jacket
  3. Warm weather gloves
  4. Good pair of riding boots
  5. Good quality rain suit
  6. 2 pairs of jeans
  7. T-shirts
  8. Long sleeve shirts
  9. Socks and underwear
  10. Basic tool kit and sparkplugs
  11. Smartphone & charger
  12. Chain and lock for the bike

What else can you think of? Please send you reactions and suggestions to Letters@AmericanIronMag.com