Harley News: MoCo To Drop 6 Motorcycle Models for 2014

Harley is streamlining it’s lineup of motorcycles for 2014 by dropping six bikes from their catalog for 2014. According to the MoCo, the changes are supposed to “optimise the number of choices available, reduce product overlap, reflect marketplace dynamics and reduce model complexity in showrooms”. Harley-Davidson actually has been increasing in profitability, but these unlucky six just haven’t been doing so hot.
Say so long to the XR1200X Sportster, the FXS Softail Blackline, and the FLHTC Electra Glide, plus the FLHRC Road King Classic will be gone in the US as well.
Both the FLTRX Road Glide Custom and the FLTRU Road Glide Ultra won’t be available in 2014, but only temporarily: both models are getting a redesign and update. They should be back by 2015 barring any new developments.


  1. Boondock Saint says:

    Getting rid of the classic only makes sense from a corporate profitability standpoint. Force those that can get the credit to buy an ultra or buy a standard and spend a bunch of money (at a harley dealer they hope) to get guages and a radio with speakers. They should have merged the classic and std at a price point below 20 grand.

  2. Just bought 2013 Roadglide two months ago guess just in time really love the bike the handling is so nice to ride..traded in a 2004 roadking classic…

  3. Bill Wright says:

    Harley Davidson has lost it`s ability to determine what the present and future owners are looking for shame on them. Harley Davidson owners are not into gimmicks they take pride in making their Harleys a personalized motorcycle.The motor company needs to examine its dealership network too many closed and too many service complaints,Harley can sell any model any where it does not remember when it’s reputation was bad and recognize what it will take to win that back. Harley Davidson an American legend

  4. momania56 says:

    Justin the FLTRX AND FLTRU are being redesigned because of factory retooling to keep up with demand. The piece of equipment that manufactures the shark nose fairing needs to be replaced as it is very old and has issues now due to the higher demand for these models, it has nothing to do with sales performance.

  5. Justin says:

    I will say the comment about the unlucky six not doing so well is not accurate. The last two both RoadGlide’s are selling like crazy. I am surprised they choose now to make the changes to the RoadGlide.