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Harley News! Submit Bike Photos To American Iron Magazine For Publication

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Harley News! Submit Bike Photos To American Iron Magazine For Publication


American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley-oriented magazine is inviting our readers to submit photos of your Harleys for possible publication in our magazines. “While we always love to run feature articles on our reader’s custom or classic Harley” Publisher Buzz Kanter stated “Our readers really enjoy seeing great “before” and “after” photos showing what the owners did to their bikes themselves.

So American Iron Magazine is asking our readers to please submit some high quality, well lit and in focus photos of your motorcycle, before and after you upgraded it. Try to show all the bike as well as close up photos of the work you are most proud of. The improvements can be “homebrew” do it yourself, handbuilt, or store bought bolt-ons.

Please submit your photos and a brief description of the bike and what you did to it, along with your name and how we can contact you.

Send your photos and info to [email protected] and include “BEFORE and AFTER” in the headline.

Press Release

This is a submitted Press Release and posted as-is. American Iron Magazine cannot confirm or deny information or claims made within Press Releases, and does not necessarily endorse these product or services.

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  1. Tom Judkins March 19, 2015

    In response to JIMMY “SIDEWAYS” M.’s letter in issue # 321, I agree that Ms. Elfvings name calling shows disrespect for a fellow rider, however, I do not agree with his views on the use of hi viz riding attire. I regret that Jimmy was severely injured in the accident he described while wearing an orange vest but his comment that there’s no reason to wear an orange vest and then going as far to state that because of his accident, it proves that “they don’t do a thing” is nonsense. Using his logic, I could just as easily claim that because I have never been in an accident while riding with my orange vest and hi viz orange helmet that it proves that they are effective. The truth is, wearing hi viz gear, taking safety courses, riding in a safe manner (lane positioning) etc. does not guarantee that we will not be involved in an accident. Jimmy’s accident is proof of this. I would advise Jimmy to take notice that road workers, garbage trucks, school buses, highway signs, etc. all utilize hi viz colors for safety reasons. Keep in mind that the most visible thing on our bikes is our head and more importantly, cage drivers who have been involved with motorcycle crashes due to turning or pulling out in front of us unsafely have, more often than not, stated that “I didn’t see him/her.” Jimmy, I support your freedom of choice regarding what you wear while riding but do yourself a favor and reconsider the use of hi viz gear. Ride safe! Tom J. Napa,Ca.

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