Harley Photo Caption Contest From American Iron Magazine

Here is an unusual photo we found on the internet.


Please post your cleverest photo caption and we will dig around at the American Iron Magazine offices and see if we can find a prize for what we think is the best caption.



  1. Just look at Corporal Jenkins! HIs head has really swelled since he was issued his new Harley.

  2. Don’t butt heads with the law.

  3. Tom Turner says:


  4. Terry Klima says:

    It’s easy to get a big head when you’re a cop on a Harley!

  5. police take on the movie Spaceballs … we’ll call this movie … Blueballs!

  6. Jackson Price says:

    I didn’t know “Dark Helmet” from Spaceballs rode!

  7. DoobieHolly says:

    The only that saved me was the full brain bucket…

  8. Combination helmet, donut machine, coffee maker, and ego massager.

  9. Rod Quiggle says:

    Apparently the State Police are now fitting helmets by ego not head size!!!

  10. Alan Peters says:

    Once they become Cops they all get big heads!