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Harley Skyline Helmet For Women Riders

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Harley Skyline Helmet For Women Riders


Woman's Harley Skyline Helmet

Does a woman have a differently shaped head than a man? Harley-Davidson thinks so, and it’s now offering a helmet designed exclusively for women: the Skyline. According to Harley, women say helmets generally sit too high on their heads because they have more hair than men, resulting in poor fit. The Skyline comes in half-shell, three-quarter, and full-face designs. I tested the three-quarter model; I took a small, the size I normally wear in helmets.

The shell is much smaller and lighter than my high-end, brand-name, three-quarter helmet, and the liner is 10mm deeper, so my head fits farther into it. To that end, I don’t feel like a Q-Tip with the helmet sitting so high on my head. The liners are interchangeable (available as an option) to customize the fit if you have more or less hair. The stock pads fit me fine. The anti-static liner is supposed to prevent flyaway hair, even riding in the driest climates. My hair didn’t have any static, so I guess it works.

The three-quarter and full-face helmets each have a ponytail notch in the rear. Since I have long hair, I appreciated that I could keep my hair band high on my ponytail, above the nape of my neck. Normally, I have to move the hair band down to avoid feeling that bump in the back of my neck created by the helmet pushing on it.

Sales of the Skyline are doing so well since it was introduced this past spring that Harley has introduced additional styles other than the gloss black it initially came out with. Price is $195 for the three-quarter, $150 for the half shell. AIM

–Genevieve Schmitt as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

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  1. Viola Prickett June 21, 2010

    Regarding the skyline helmet. I purchased one with the face shield. The 3rd ride out one side of the face shield popped out and I had to pull over on a very busy high way. This happend 3 times. I finally took it back and all the girl would do was help put it back in. She made notes on my account. Finally the last straw was when it popped out on highway 1 along the ocean where there is very few spots to pull over and fix it. I then took it back the first chance I had to Eagles Nest in Lathrop CA to be told because it was now 1 motnh over the 1 year that they could’nt do anything for me but I could purchase a new helmet. I feel this has bee a safety issue the whole time and neither Harley nor the maker of Skyline will stand behind the product.Not good.

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