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Harley Tech Q&A For Real World Motorcycle Riders

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Harley Tech Q&A For Real World Motorcycle Riders


There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet – sometimes from well meaning people, sometimes from jerks. We here at American Iron Magazine would like to help spread accurate and real information to some of the questions we see on-line relating to Harley motorcycles, Harley tech and Harley history.

Every so often we will repost a question or statement we find on Facebook or other social media and give as accurate and real an answer as we can. If you find these posts and replies to basic, please remember everyone, even you, had to learn it at some time.

FROM W. G. “Winter storing question…. This will be the first time I’m not having my 2005 RK custom stored. Do I have to use the trickle charger made by Harley or can I use any others on the market and what brand would you suggest?”

The easy answer is you can use almost any 12 volt trickle charger on your battery. But even better, we’d recommend using a smart charger that can automatically float from charge to non-charge status based on the battery’s level of charge.



  1. Buck December 30, 2014

    Hi, It sounds like maybe it’s Vapor locking. This happens when too much heat gets to the fuel lines causing the fuel to “boil”. Check the fuel line routing, make sure it’s proper, and if need be “insulate” them. I’ve done this at times by splitting a larger piece of fuel line and sliding it over the existing line. Also make sure the engine isn’t running too lean, which will cause the engine to run hotter. And I would definently re-check your intake for any vaccum leaks. this too will cause the engine to lean out, causing stalling. Pull the spark plugs and see what they look like. they should have a light tan to tan color. if they are stone dead white, your running too lean. You didn’t mention if you did anything such as a fuel management add on, which if you didn’t, you may have too to richen the mixture, since the engine can now breath better with the intake and exhaust mods. you did.
    I hope this helps. Good Luck, and ride safe!

  2. Michael Gressel December 15, 2014

    Hello and thanks for publishing a great magazine. I’ve been a reader for 6 years and counting.
    My wife’s bike is a Beautiful 2007 Soft tail Deluxe. We bought it used with screaming Eagle slip-ons and a stage one SERT tune. The bike to me felt that it was lacking a little power. I removed the SE baffles and replaced them with Big City thunder quiet baffles along with a zipper performance intake. I had the bike fully dyno tuned. After about 3 months the wife and I were ridding up north (Sedona Az.) Se stalled the bike at a stop light and wrote it of as “opps need to ride more”. Some months later my buddy was ridding the Deluxe and after a long day of fun ridding it would die at every stoplight. Hit the start button and she starts right back up. Feather the throttle and your good to go. It does this after about ridding for 45 minutes at highway speeds. Between me and the dealer, the kill switch, fuel filter, plugs and new Taylor wires have been replaced. I think it’s the tune but the dealer does not want to go there. What do you think is wrong with her?