Harley’s new 107 cubic inch, Milwaukee-Eight

Buzz Kanter EIC

SHIFTING GEARS by Buzz Kanter 

SHIFTING GEARS, by Buzz Kanter, Publisher

I  can’t believe it’s been 17 years since The MoCo last invited us for an exclusive look and ride of a new generation of Harley engine, the TC88, which we named the Fathead. Seventeen years!

You have already seen the cover of this issue of American Iron Magazine. Harley’s engineers, designers, and marketing teams have pulled the cover off a totally new engine design to carry Harley Trikes and Touring bikes into the future.

We are honored that American Iron Magazine readers will be the first to read about this exciting new engine design officially named the Milwaukee-Eight. Riders like to give Harley engines nicknames. When I first saw photos of this engine I thought the top end looked rather muscular, so how about we call it the Musclehead?

In brief, the all new 107″, single cam, four-valve-per-head Milwaukee-Eight will be available in all 2017 Trikes and Touring models. The bikes without lowers will use the oil-cooled version. Touring bikes and Trikes with lowers will use the oil and water-cooled designs, but the non-Touring models will retain the current Twin Cam powertrains. The limited-production CVO models will now be powered by a larger 114″ version of the all new Milwaukee-Eight.

The Harley team tells us the new Milwaukee-Eight engine idles lower, runs cooler, is faster, and gives better gas mileage than today’s Twin Cam. It’s quite an engineering feat, and one well worth waiting for.

For a lot more detail, please read our exclusive article and photos starting on page 46 for more information.

Sons of Speed Boardtrack Racing
love the romance and excitement of old motorcycles and the thrills and spills of real antique motorcycle racing? Check out the Sons of Speed boardtrack-style racing near Daytona on October 15.

American V-twin motorcycles from the teens through 1924 will be racing on the half-mile, banked asphalt of New Smyrna Speedway with no brakes, no transmissions, and no clutches! Join me, Billy Lane, and a cast of characters this Biketoberfest as we try to recapture the days of old, when racers were bold.

I will be on my 1915 Harley-powered reproduction boardtracker, representing Team American Iron. Other racers include Billy Lane (event promoter) on a 1913 Indian, Rick Petko (of Discovery’s American Chopper) on a 1913 Indian, Xavier Muriel (musician with Buckcherry) on a 1919 Harley, Jay Allen (of Broken Spoke) on a 1913 Thor, Shelley Rossmeyer-Pepe (Rossmeyer H-D) on a 1915 Harley, and Warren Lane (Atomic Metalsmith) on a 1919 Indian, and possibly others.

I expect the bikes will be showcased around town before the event. The races start around 1 pm, Saturday, October 15, at the New Smyrna Speedway (3939 Florida Route 44). Tickets are available at EventBrite.com and at the gate. Hope to see you there. This is going to be wild!

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Ride safe, ride smart, have fun.


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