Harley-Davidson Premium Bike Cover, Super Shield

H-D’s premium cover keeps a bike safe and clean

I don’t know what your garage is like, but my Knuckle bobber, no matter how hard I try, always gets covered with dust. Maybe it’s because I’ve got three kids who are always in there moving stuff around. Maybe it’s because it’s an old house. Then again, it’s probably because my driveway is dirt and gravel, and my car always tracks dirt into the garage. Whatever the reason, my bike always get dirtier parked in the garage than when out on the road.

Thankfully, the fix was a simple one. I now cover my little Knuck with one of H-D’s Motorcycle Super Shields (#98744-09/$179.95) for Softails, Dynas, and V-Rods (Touring models #98743-09/$189.95). This heavy-duty cover is made of a strong two-layer fabric that protects the bike two ways. The inside layer is a soft tricot material that’s easy on the paint and other finishes. The outside layer is a fade-resistant, urethane-coated, polyester fabric that resists water, stains, and dirt (yes!). These two layers are double-stitched together and then heat-sealed with tapered seams. The result is a strong protective cover that is also breathable to keep moisture from forming on the bike and promoting rust. This cover has heat-resistant exhaust panels, securing strap/grommets, and takes only seconds to install since the bottom has an elastic edge. A deluxe storage bag is also included. And you can’t miss the cool Bar & Shield logo.

Now if only H-D would invent a cover that polished the bike while
covering it, I’d be set. AIM

PRODUCT REVIEW — by Chris Maida


  1. Charles Cusumano says:

    Not sure I like that “bold Harley logo”. I don’t want to advertise what’s under the bike cover.