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HeliBars Mini-Rebel Handlebars

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HeliBars Mini-Rebel Handlebars


306-36-14 HeliHeliBars’ patented, four-way-adjustable Mini Rebel Multi-Axis handlebars have two multiaxis, CNC-machined, billet-aluminum pivots on each side that offer four ergonomic adjustments: height, reach, wrist angle, and width. Up to 2″ taller than stock, Mini Rebels pivot to give up to 4″ of rearward reach movement, taking weight off lower backs. The Mini Rebels also minimize upper-body fatigue while providing lighter handling, more nimble parking lot maneuverability, and improved chassis feedback. The system is equipped with mounting plates and a lower steel mounting bar; they come finished in chrome or fade-resistant black powdercoating. Black, $599; chrome, $639. Info: Heli Bars Inc., 800/289-1047, HeliBars.com.