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Icon Motorcycle Boots

Talk about a long-term test! I was asked to review a pair of boots two years ago, and I’ve finally got the word that the story is due. We’ve been through a lot, these boots and I; we’ve climbed mountains, tackled the badlands, and ridden from sea to shining sea. Ah, memories. But the important question still stands, how’d the boots fare through all this? Simply put, they performed exceptionally well.

Icon’s Field Armor Chukka boots ($115) have a breathable, nylon-and-leather upper that’s flexible and comfortable. It’s a midrise boot, so you get a bit more support than a shoe would give, but it’s not as confining or rigid as a taller boot might be. A midfoot buckle keeps the fit snug, while well-placed shift pads up front, and some thick protective toe and heel armor keep things safe. I’ve worn these boots all day around the office with no problem. They’re fairly light and good for the post-ride hang. The sole is street-riding specific, with a grip tread and a thick heel that hangs nicely off the pegs. The boots are available in two colors: Wheat, a
common tan work boot look, and Stealth, otherwise known as black.

These boots may not be the iconic Air Jordans or Elvis’ blue suede shoes, but with Icon’s style and riding comfort, these chukkas are sure to make a long-lasting impression.

Hmm, I guess they already did. AIM

–Matt Kopec as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

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