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Icon Womens Motorcycle Boots

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Icon Womens Motorcycle Boots


Icon’s Hella boots ($140) arrive on the heels of the Bombshell, Icon’s first stylish, over-the-calf riding boot. The Hella comes up over the ankle and is available in black or brown or Beretta. While the boots look narrow, there’s plenty of room for my wide feet. Like the Bombshell, each Hella boot has an extra piece of leather reinforcement sewn into the toe area to take the abuse from a motorcycle’s gear shifter. The leather is premium-grade cowhide that feels thick, but allows for movement. The boots are stiff when new; they’re most comfortable when they’re worn in a bit.

The wedge heels are what make the Hellas wearable for a long time because they distribute your weight so that not all of the pressure is on your toes. I was able to walk around the Sturgis Rally all afternoon without my feet aching like they do when wearing high-heeled fashion boots. Features include extra padding on the ankles, a reinforced toe and heel area, and a metal plate on the heel that’s part style, part protection.

A large part of a woman rider’s confidence with a motorcycle comes from feeling that her feet and legs are planted enough that she can trust them with the weight of a motorcycle. Once I got used to having a smaller footprint than in the low Frye boots I normally wear, I was confident the Hellas’ non-skid, oil-resistant rubber soles would hold me up as I put pressure on my feet while maneuvering a motorcycle around a parking lot. I think they work best for short day rides where you’re on and off the bike and want to make a statement. AIM
–Genevieve Schmitt



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