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Indian Performance Intake Kit

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Indian Performance Intake Kit


Words and photos by Matt Kopec
We’ve had an Indian Bobber in the test stable here at AIM for a while and have installed a variety of visual and electronic components. Handling and performance have been the goal as of late.

Our last install (issues 383) was focused on the Scout’s handling. We bolted on a set of Fox Performance Shocks that dramatically improved the ride. With this install, we’re focusing on power.

We opened up the airbox by installing Indian’s Performance Air Intake kit. This improves airflow, allowing the Bobber to inhale more freely. The result is more power, a claimed 5 percent horsepower gain, plus a throaty growl.

This install will require a visit to a local Indian dealer to calibrate the bike. A calibration card is included with the kit, so make sure you hold onto this.

I’ve found this bike to have crazy tight tolerances on just about everything. Every hose, bolt, and clamp seem to be installed just out of reach or behind something that will have to be removed first. That’s not a bad thing; impressive, actually. Every available open space on the Bobber has a purpose. You’re not stowing anything under the seat with this bike. It is, as the name suggests, bobbed down to the essentials.

After installing the Performance Air Intake kit and firing up the bike, a substantial volume change to the rumble was obvious. Plus, a bit more pep was noticeable when getting on the throttle. For the money, this kit delivered nicely.

This install is a bit involved, requiring removal of the gas tank and right-side frame rail. Not beyond the scope of most weekend wrenches, but a few specific tools, such as fuel line pliers, will be needed to make the job easier.

A few tips and tricks are laid out with this install. Hopefully this will help enough to avoid questioning your wrenching abilities. Remember, don’t act like a tool; simply use one for the job that makes you avoid heavy breathing.

Full install with helpful tips and tricks in issue 390 of American Iron Magazine. On sale 6/23.